Teen Mom Dads: Outrageous (And Hilarious) Demands Revealed!

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Let's be real, the magic of the Teen Mom franchise has always come from the ladies.

That's why it's called Teen Mom, you know?

Teen Mom Dads

People are interested in Jenelle Evans' latest meltdown, or Chelsea Houska's latest act of adorableness. That's what people want to see.

And sure, the dads are fun and all -- Javi Marroquin obviously lives for his reality show fame, and everybody has fun fawning over Cole DeBoer.

But they're just nowhere near being on the same level as all those girls who, once upon a time, were 16 and Pregnant.

We know this, MTV knows this, and on some level, the dads themselves have to know this.

But hey, sometimes you just have to take a shot ... and according to this delightful new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the dads really went for it for this weekend's reunion show!

According to the website, the whole Teen Mom 2 crew, as well as some Teen Mom OG cast members, are flying out to Los Angeles to film the reunion and some various specials.

The Teen Mom 2 Cast Reunion Pic!

MTV is footing the bill for all the flights, which makes sense, since it is a business trip.

But MTV got the guys tickets in coach, and for many of them, that simply did not fly.

Several sources told the site that many of the guys demanded first class tickets, and one even insisted that the network buy a first class ticket for his girlfriend, too.

Spoiler: it did not happen.

"The show pays for the guys to come to the reunion," one insider explains, "and will pay for their significant other or guest to come as well."

"But the network said no way would they pay for first class for the guys, who are just supporting characters on the show."

Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn, and Leah, as well as their children and one guest each, were given first class tickets -- it's not clear if Briana DeJesus earned that luxury yet.

Teen Mom 2 Cast: A Picture

The source says that even that is "a relatively new thing MTV is doing for the girls," and that "they never flew them first class before, always coach or business."

That makes sense though, because with the level of fame the Teen Mom girls are reaching, they've been having more and more of a hassle while flying coach.

And since most of the moms would be the ones flying with the kids on the show, that means they've been getting hassled, too.

However, the source says that "the guys get a coach ticket though, and that probably won't change."

"They are reminded that they are free to come out-of-pocket and upgrade their coach ticket if they'd like."

Hilariously, "The guys who were demanding first class tickets at first said they wouldn't attend the reunion if they didn't get upgraded tickets," and MTV refused to give in.

The Cast of Teen Mom 2 Photo

"They were told not to come if that's the case."

How amazing, right?

And let's be real, it's not like any of the dads would really be missed.

The Ashley wouldn't reveal which dads were behind this little diva fit, but they did make it clear that Adam Lind wasn't one of them, which seems like a given, considering he quit the show and hasn't filmed this season.

That leaves David Eason, Nathan Griffith, Corey Simms, Jeremy Calvert, Jo Rivera, Javi Marroquin, Cole DeBoer, Devoin Austin, and Luis Miguel.

The moms' current partners would likely be their first class guests anyway, so David and Cole are out.

It's pretty easy to see Nathan and Jeremy heading up this douche committee, right?

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: this reunion show is going to be beautiful.

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