Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: What Happened to Alex Kompothecras?

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Summer comes to an end, but that does not mean the drama does on Siesta Key. 

On Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 10, some storylines were forgotten entirely.

Siesta Key Season 1 Cast

Alex was back to his scheming ways and concluded that he and Kelsey had nothing in common. This was hands down the most mature thing he has ever done.

He wanted Madisson back, and it just seemed like a forced way to wrap the storylines up and come back with a fresh start.

Oh yes, Siesta Key will be back in the Winter, you guys!


Madisson revealed she was done with Alex because he had treated her like crap one too many times. It was about time. Seriously, you guys, this storyline was complete and utter garbage. 

Madisson On Siesta Key

Madisson is moving on with Brandon, and there's no telling whether they are even the real deal, either. That's the issue with reality TV. You never know what's real. 

For now, Madisson and Brandon are more together than ever, but will a mysterious job offer change her stance on the relationship? That remains to be seen. 

The big event of the episode was Alex's July 4th party bash. It was fitting that the season kicked off with one of his wild parties, and it ended with one. 

Paul's apology to Chloe last week was completely fake, and she even knew that when he tried to do the same thing again. He's the least genuine person on reality TV. 

Chloe did not accept his apology, so he later called her a whale. That was the moment Chloe decided that she was done with the horrible group of individuals and made her way home. 

Chloe Trautman Poses

Will she return for Season 2? We have no idea, but she's the best person on this toxic cast. 

Maybe she should move over to a less toxic series with friends who actually care for her. 

The party also gave Kelsey and Garrett time to chat about the end of their relationship. They were surprisingly decent with one another, and Juliette got very jealous. 

It sounds like Kelsey is getting the last laugh because Garrett did ask about the pair possibly getting back together.

Garrett Miller Dodges Hurricane Irma

Would they even work with one another? We're not so sure, but it would be fun to watch. 

In a post-credits scene, Alex called Madisson and it sure looks like was in a car crash or something. Will this be the thing that drives them back together? 

That will be the bigger question as we await the new episodes of the series which MTV is calling a hit. 

Over to you! What did you think of the conclusion?

Was it worthwhile?

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