Meadow Walker Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit with Porsche

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Nothing can bring back the late, great Paul Walker.

But his daughter, Meadow Walker, knows this. She's been waging a battle to find justice for her father's senseless, but ultimately preventable, death.

And it appears that she has now won.

Paul with daughter Meadow Walker

In 2013, Paul Walker died as the result of a fatal collision. He was not the only fatality in the crash, but it's his death that tore at the hearts of millions of fans.

His death had a stronger and more personal impact on the cast of the The Fast And The Furious franchise, who were like family to him and regarded him in the same manner.

But Paul Walker also left behind a daughter.

Meadow Walker is now 18.

She's inherited her father's humanitarian spirit, his passion for environmentalism, and his stunning good looks.


Meadow Walker, Do Good Bag

Meadow has been working to get justice for her late father.

No parent wants their child to have to fight that sort of battle for them, but sometimes, that's how life works out.

Last April, Meadow Walker was awarded $10.1 million in a settlement from the estate of Roger Rodas,

Roger Rodas was the man driving the car and therefore, it was decided, partially liable for the accident that ended his life and Paul Walker's.

(Of course, that settlement represents a tiny fraction of the amount of money that Paul Walker would have gone on to earn had his life and career not been cut tragically short)

But the grim details of the crash aren't as simple as Paul Walker dying from the impact.

Because he survived the initial impact.

It was determined that he was trapped and injured by the seatbelt of theĀ Carrera GT (made by Porsche), and that he was therefore unable to escape .. and burned to death.

That's horrible for anyone to imagine. It's even worse for Meadow Walker to live with that knowledge.

Meadow Walker and Paul Walker in the Pool

So Meadow Walker's legal team has also been working on a wrongful death suit aimed at Porsche.

Her team has been arguing that Porsche knew that theĀ Carrera GT was defective in this way but didn't do enough to correct the problem.

The Blast has obtained documents that Meadow Walker and Porsche have settled.

The details of the resolution have not been made public, but both parties involved have asked that the suit be dismissed.

Paul Walker's father had filed a separate suit against Porsche, which also appears to have been dismissed.

Meadow Walker in 2017

Whatever the settlement that the parties involved agreed upon, this must come as a tremendous relief for Meadow Walker.

It can be so hard to be at peace with loss, but maybe with this legal fight behind her, she can feel like there's just a little bit more closure.

Losing a loved one like that will never be okay. Not four years later, and not forty.

But being secure in the knowledge that you did all that you could to get justice? That goes a long way towards bringing some peace of mnd.

And, again, Meadow Walker's commitment to great causes in her father's name amount to a very worthy tribute to the late, beloved actor.

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