Kailyn Lowry Rules at Halloween, Coparenting!

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Recently, Kailyn Lowry treated Lux to his first Disneyland trip. As a mom, she makes sure that her sons experience the joys that life and childhood have to offer.

Over the weekend, she and her sons enjoyed an early Halloween celebration. And yes, of course there are pictures.

On top of showing that she knows how to do Halloween right, Kailyn Lowry also made it very clear that she's totally nailing this whole coparenting thing.

Kailyn Lowry with Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux - Halloween 2017

First of all, look at these three precious boys and their mom.

Kailyn is positively glowing with maternal joy.

Remember -- we all love Halloween as adults, either because we like the parties or because we like the movie marathons or because we like yard decorations or we like this time of year or it's Gay Christmas or we just love any excuse to dress up and drink.

But children? Halloween is a truly magical, wonderful night as children.

It's an adventure.

You get to dress up and go to people's houses and get free candy.

As adults, we can all just buy candy. Kids don't have that luxury.

For them, especially at the ages of Isaac and Lincoln, Halloween is a miracle.

Isaac, Lincoln, and Vivi - Halloween 2017

But Kailyn's sons weren't the only kids invited to the pre-Halloween festivities.

Here, we see Isaac and Lincoln posing with Vivi.

Who is Vivi, you might ask?

Jo Rivera and his fiancee, Vee Torres, were hanging out with Kailyn because Isaac is Jo's son, too.

Vivi is that couple's young daughter.

Coparenting is not always easy, but unless there are very good reasons to do otherwise, kids might be better off spending a holiday with both parents (if they're getting along amicably) than being juggled back and forth between alternating holidays.

And yes, Javi Marroquin was also there -- which is no surprise.

Kailyn and Briana DeJesus are feuding over Javi, if reports are to be believed, so we'd say that Kailyn cares about him quite a bit.

Isaac and Lincoln on Halloween 2017

Let's not politicize Isaac and Lincoln's meeting with this police mascot, folks.

It's not a political statement. Also, children need to know how to interact with and, usually, to trust police.

(You can make all of the furry jokes that you like, though)

Sadly, Lincoln and Isaac might have more police contact than any child should need to if Chris Lopez, Lux's father, doesn't change his ways.

We've all learned the scary reason Kailyn keeps Chris Lopez away, and it's about so much more than unsigned paternity papers.

Reportedly, Chris Lopez has been physically abusive towards Kailyn, even going so far as hitting her while she was holding their baby.

So Chris Lopez is conspicuously absent from this photo -- with good reason.

Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, Jo Rivera, kids, Halloween 2017

A shame that things were too awkward and Javi Marroquin couldn't bring his alleged girlfriend Briana DeJesus.

(Kidding! But can you imagine?)

No, but seriously.

Not all families look like a creepy 1950s fantasy with a man and a woman and 2.5 kids.

It's fine if they do, but a lot of families are a lot more complicated. What matters is that you find a healthy and safe way to make it work, and that you always put the kids first.

And that's what Kailyn Lowry is clearly doing with two of her baby daddies.

Happy pre-Halloween, everybody.

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