Jinger Duggar: Still Wearing Shorts, Living By Her Own Rules

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If you're a longtime fan of the Duggar family, you may be familiar with the Free Jinger movement.

Named for a non-profit website that hoped to rescue Jim Bob and Michelle's daughter from a lifetime of servitude under a patriarchal belief system, the movement eventually expanded its goals.

Jinger Duggar in Nike

Seeking to call attention to the abuses that often take place in the name of religious fundamentalism, Free Jinger has broadened in scope.

While that remains an important objective, Jinger has shown a surprising streak of independence and may be the Duggar least in need of saving.

Yes, her forms of rebellion might seem quite tame by the usual societal standards, but in her way, Jinger is striking out on her own and thumbing her nose at some of her parents' more asinine beliefs.

The most obvious way in which the 23-year-old has departed from the strictures of her upbringing has to do with fashion.

That may sound silly, but when Jinger began wearing pants, it was widely interpreted as a bold, public rejection of her parents' rules.

In the Duggar household, women must dress in floor-length skirts at all times.

Jinger Duggar: Ice Skating! In Pants!

Shortly after stirring controversy with that wardrobe choice, Jinger wore a pair of shorts in a photo that earned her applause from Duggar supporters and detractors alike.

One of the more absurd aspects of the Duggar dress code is that women and girls are forced to wear long skirts even when playing sports or engaged in other physical activity.

As you can see, Jinger recently demonstrated that she's bucked that trend completely.

And yet again, she's being praised by those who have advocated for the rights of women in fundamentalist communities:

“Finally, a Duggar girl is wearing what she wants and NOT what her family thinks she should wear,” commented one fan on the above photo, adding:

“I always thought that Jinger was the most sensible of all the older girls!”

Jinger Duggar Weight Loss Photo

We're sure Jinger appreciates the adulation, but it seems these days she's intent on showing fans that she's striking out on her own in ways that go beyond her choice of attire.

Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo have made a point of supporting their local arts community in Laredo, Texas.

Over the weekend Jinger posted the above photo, with a caption reading:

"A lovely evening enjoying the arts to support a dear friend."

Fans applauded Jinger not only for taking in interest in cultural pursuits, but also for the quality of the photo.

"Lovely photo," wrore one fan. "You really ought to pursue photography professionally!"

The Duggars don't explicitly forbid their children from engaging in artistic activities, but Jim Bob and Michelle frequently encourage their children to spend their time on more "practical" pursuits.

Jinger Duggar Supports the Arts

(Many would argue that devising an elaborate dress code so that no one will see your daughters' ankles isn't the most practical use of one's time, but that's a conversation for another article.)

Jinger often expressed interests in music and photography as a child, and now it seems Vuolo is encouraging her to hone her crafts.

Jim Bob and Jeremy have butted heads several times over the years, and likely, we have yet to see the last of that.

We're guessing Jinger's emboldened behavior isn't exactly endearing the Texas pastor to his domineering father-in-law.

As always, you can watch Counting On online for more on reality TV's most controversial family.

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