ISIS Threatens Prince George, Teases Violent Attack at School

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The Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS has seemingly issued a threat against the life of four-year old Prince George.

According to The Daily Star, a picture of the Prince William and Kate Middleton's oldest child was discovered on an encrypted instant-messaging app, Telegram.

Will and George

It allegedly reads as follows:

“Even the royal family will not be left alone."

The eerie and very disturbing snapshot depicts the toddler standing in front of his private South London school, Thomas’s Battersea, and it bears the message:

“School starts early.”

Moreover, this same website reports that the second image features Arabic words taken from a jihadi song that roughly translate to:

“When war comes with the melody of bullets, we descend on disbelief, desiring retaliation."

Prince George just started at this school in September.

Photos of him on his first day, such as the one below, have been widely circulated online.

Going to School

Insiders confirm that this threat is being treated as a legitimate security issue.

British spies and investigators are in the process of monitoring Telegram around the clock in an effort to stop potential ISIS attacks in the United Kingdom.

The Daily Star spoke to a woman who said the lack of security at George’s school was “astonishing,” after she strolled through the halls just days before the famous young man started classes a few weeks ago.

“I could have walked in with an IED and set it to go off,” Sarah Burnett-Moore told the website.

A cyber security expert named Barry Spielman also told The Daily Star that this is a big deal. He's at least glad to see it treated as such.

“This threat to Prince George is chilling," Spielman says, adding:

“Our intelligence suggests that these threats are to be taken seriously... Telegram is where many [terrorist plots] are being hatched as we speak."

Prince George Portrait at 4

The Royal Family released this official portrait of Prince George on the occasion of his fourth birthday. What a cutie!

Prince George is the older brother of Princess Charlotte.

Just this fall, Prince William and Kate Middleton confirmed that the latter is pregnant with her third child.

The baby is due in April, Kensington Palace itself announced two weeks ago.

This should be a happy and exciting time for the Royal Family, but the threat detailed here as obviously muddled everyone's mood to a significant extent.

Previously, ISIS threatened Queen Elizabeth ahead of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in 2015; and just last month Prince Harry was challenged to a fight via video.

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