Farrah Abraham Topless Photo Commemorates Instagram Milestone, Cements Icon Status

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Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham just reached a million followers on Instagram, and celebrated the only way she knows how:

By posing topless in bed with a "come hither" gaze.

Farrah Abraham is So Hot

On Sunday, October 22, the redhead took to Instagram to celebrate eclipsing the seven-figure mark on her Instagram fan total.

For some reason Farrah wants more plastic surgery; Abraham's insane boobs and facial transformation are rather evident here.

She is wearing pasties - heart-shaped ones, totes adorbs - but very little else is left to the imagination in the hypnotic image.

About the only thing missing here is Abraham's surgically enhanced butt, which remains covered up. Maybe for her next trick?

"1 million," she captioned the stunning pic, and while she was still in the 999,000s at the time, Farrah since surpassed a mill.

This should help get her to two million real quick ...

Farrah Abraham Topless in Bed

This post comes just days after a report surfaced that a second Farrah Abraham cam show will be coming your way just before Halloween.

The 26-year-old reality star's inaugural live porn event with CamSoda was such a huge hit, she's running it back and then some.

Farrah’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran says she plans to “give 110%” for the show, as if she knows any other way.

Go hard or go home, as the old saying goes.

Asked why Farrah continues to do adult films despite the backlash from fellow MTV stars, Simon replied, “Because she likes it."

"She does what she wants on her free time.”

Hard to argue with that, though her 1,000,000 fans sure have some strong opinions about what she does in her free and work time.

Farrah Abraham Lingerie

Wrote one disgusted fan on Insta: "Your daughter will be disgusted by you when she gets older and be embarrassed #shame."

Wrote another: "Ur child is going to have so many issues with a mom like u. Putting this kind of image over the internet of ur self is horrible."

"U need to teach her to respect herself and u. If I found stuff like this of my mother online. All respect for her is gone."

Yet another added, "I agree that picture is disgusting, no mothers kids should see that. I personally wouldn’t want her to be the mother of my kids."


Others came to her defense, at least in part, saying Farrah knows no other way: "DISGUSTING! she is the way she is BECAUSE of her parents!"

"They allowed her to tell them how everything would be instead of instilling in her that healthy fear that every child should have of their parents!"

Farrah Abraham Wax Figure

Some Farrah followers defended her unabashedly: "Do what make u happy and dont regret thats all... if its real then i take u how u are....100%"

"And i always like how strong u are! dont give up!"

Another supporter of hers added, "I’m not understanding how her not wearing a top correlates with her being a bad mother."

"You’re telling me as a mom none of you have been topless? women (moms especially) need to stop tearing others down."

This school of thought was echoed by "Just because it’s not something you would do doesn’t mean she’s a bad parent."

"I don’t think what she does is good [but] her daughter is well loved and taken care of. That’s what matters. Bye judgemental people."

Said another Farrah defender, "So I don’t understand why people have to judge her life style and not other people who do this?" 

It's an interesting point of debate, for sure. Finally, other admirers reacted to an entirely different aspect of the eye-popping pic.

"Would love to get one night with you," wrote one drooling commenter who may or may not be named Simon Saran.

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