Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin: DATING?!

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Remember when Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus were a couple? They seemed, to many people, like a bit of a mismatch.

And it wasn't that long ago, really, when Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis broke up. Well ... it's been almost a decade, but still.

Why are we bringing up two random couples? Because they're no longer unrelated -- because Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin are apparently an item now.

Photo of Brenda Song

There were actually some dating rumors about Macaulay and Brenda back in July, but at the time they were just spotted out-and-about together.

Like, people are allowed to have friends, folks.

You can see how they'd get along.

Despite having been a Disney child star, Brenda Song gets along well with a lot of "alternative" crowds.

(Again, she used to date Trace Cyrus)

Macaulay Culkin sort of embodies the "child actor turned eccentric adult whom fans still like but can't quite figure out and also sometimes people worry about his health and well-being" concept.

So they seem like they'd be a good match, in general. And an 8-year age difference is hardly a deal-breaker at this point, right?

But here's why we actually think that they're dating, for real:

Macaulay Culkin: 2014 Photo

Entertainment Tonight reports that Macaulay and Brenda were showing PDA at Knott's Scary Farm celebrity night, which was on Friday.

"Parkgoers said they were very cute with each other holding hands and very affectionate."

Going out and about shopping or whatever? That's something that people do all of the time.

Hand-holding and cuddling and generally seeming joined at the hip?

That sometimes happens in friendships but is way, way more likely when there's a romantic element to your relationship.

Reportedly, the two of them:"Looked like they were having a great time."

That's good to hear, though not surprising.

"They all looked super comfortable together and like they were having a great night out."

They were out and about with mutual friend Seth Green and his girlfriend.

Leading some to wonder if Seth had set the two of them up. Hmmm ...

Brenda Song, Nude Look

Brenda Song has spoken about the movie that she's doing along with Macaulay.

They filmed together in Thailand and we wonder if it was there that the sparks started flying.

Here's how Brenda describes it all:

"It's basically about a guy who is going on a planned a trip with his wife, finds out that she's cheating on him, and his best friend jumps in last minute, and it's their adventures in Thailand and the people they sort of come across, and the crazy adventures that happen when you go on a trip across the world."

To film it, they themselves went on that trip across the world.

"It's been incredible. We spent five weeks in Thailand shooting this. Seth directed and wrote and starred in it, and this has been in the making for the last seven years, so he made it happen, it was incredible -- it was like, Changeland for me. That sounds super cheesy but, like, I came back like a different person."


Did she also come back with a different person?

She credits Seth Green for convincing Macaulay, a notorious recluse when he's not bonding with his goddaughter, to be in the film.

"Seth and him had done Party Monster together so they had been friends forever, so I think that's probably how he got [him] in, but it was a wonderful experience."

That's what everyone says about movies.

That's also what you might say if you'd picked up a boyfriend during filming, right?

"Everyone was great ... we had the best time ever. Everyone was lovely, we just got to go to Thailand and hang out with our best friends for five weeks."

That does sound like an amazing bonding experience.

Macaulay Culkin Adult Swim Panel Pic

Brenda Song did decline to comment to Entertainment Tonight on whether she's actually dating Macaulay.

But ... she didn't deny it. She just says that she doesn't like to openly discuss her love life.

We get that.

We also get that, by not denying it, she wasn't exactly shooting down any rumors. That combined with PDA sounds just a few degrees shy of a confirmation.

As for that movie, though ... it sounds interesting.

Also, one of our favorite films is Saved!, which starred Macaulay. So when he does choose to be in something, it can be amazingly good.

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