Ben Affleck: Forced to Submit to Drug Testing in Order to See His Kids?

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It's been a tough month for Ben Affleck.

Already dodging rumors that he's been drinking again following his most recent stint in rehab, Affleck now finds himself involved in the biggest scandal in recent Hollywood history.

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As you've no doubt heard by now, famed film producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault by numerous women who claim he repeatedly abused his power in order to take advantage of them.

Affleck condemned Weinstein for his actions, but now, multiple women who have worked with the Oscar winner over the years say that Ben's statement is simply part of an effort to exonerate himself from any blame.

First, Rose McGowan claimed that Affleck is lying when he says he only recently learned of Weinstein's misconduct.

Shortly thereafter, actress Hilarie Burton accused Affleck of groping her when she was just a 20-year-old co-host on MTV's TRL.

Affleck has yet to respond to the allegations against him, but it's safe to assume he's in damage control mode.

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And now, it looks as though he may have suffered another high-profile setback, this one having to do with his tumultuous split from Jennifer Garner.

Though Affleck and Garner finalized their divorce over the summer, the issue of custody of the couple's three children remains somewhat unsettled due to recent developments in Affleck's personal life.

Sources tell Radar Online that Jen is deeply concerned about Ben's drinking, and in order to ensure that her children will be safe while spending time at his house, she's reportedly asked the court to force Affleck to submit to drug and alcohol testing.

“Jen has put her foot down and says either Ben submits to drug testing — or he can forget about seeing the kids for a sleepover,” an insider revealed to the site.

“It breaks her heart to see Ben in liquor stores more than he goes to church."

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A bit of a dubious comment, as Ben's never been much of a churchgoer, as far as we know, but it's entirely believable that Jen would demand that her ex prove he's clean before she'll sign off on him taking the kids for extended periods of time.

“Now she wants him to prove he’s completely clean of drugs and that he’s given up his partying ways. He was such a big party guy before, and he’s slipped up a few times since,” says the informant.

“Jen’s not taking any chances. The kids come first, as always. She’s giving Ben no excuses — or second chances.”

There's no word on whether Affleck's involvement in the Weinstein scandal influenced Jen's decision, but we're guessing the actress is none too happy about Ben's latest controversy.

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