Ben Affleck: Back In Rehab For Alcohol Addiction (Report)

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Earlier this week, multiple sources claimed that Ben Affleck was "spiraling out of control" in a way that had friends and family concerned for his life.

Affleck checked into rehab back in March, and in a public statement released just after he completed treatment, the actor revealed that he hoped maintaining his sobriety would enable him to be a more supportive and attentive father to his three children.

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Sadly, it looks as though Affleck lost sight of that goal somewhere along the way, as he resumed drinking in recent months,

Ben is dating Lindsay Shookus these days, and the couple spent a good deal of the summer traveling, dining, and, unfortunately, drinking.

Affleck's been spotted drinking with Shookus on multiple occasions, most recently at last month's Emmy Awards.

No one in Ben's inner circle is blaming Lindsay for his relapse, but the belief seems to be that the contentment Affleck has found in his new relationship emboldened him to the point that he mistakenly believed he could return to casual drinking.

Not surprisingly, it seems it didn't take long for Ben to fall back into his old habits.

Ben Affleck at Premiere

Thankfully, it seems that Ben has heeded the advice of his concerned loved ones and returned to addiction treatment.

Unfortunately, some still believe that the Oscar winner isn't taking his problem with alcohol seriously enough.

According to Us Weekly, Affleck was spotted "arriving at an outpatient treatment center in Los Angeles" recently.

“Ben looked so happy,” an onlooker tells the magazine.

“He was in such a good mood and looked refreshed."

Outpatient treatment can be effective in many cases, but generally, in cases of long-term abuse with multiple relapses, experts recommend at least four weeks of inpatient care.

Ben Affleck at CinemaCon

Ben's friends are said to be pleased that he's seeking treatment, but certain insiders are reportedly still imploring him to check into a facility for at least a few weeks.

There have been suggestions that Affleck is simply taking a half-step in order to placate the concerned parties, but obviously, he's the only one who can know for sure if that's the case.

Whatever the case, we're glad to hear Ben is at least spending some time in the care of addiction specialists, and we hope he continues to seek help.

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