American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Mid-Western Assassin

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Well, Ally should have trusted her gut and remained a lone wolf. 

On American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 6, Ally joined forces with Meadow, but there was a little too much crazy from each of them for them to function as part of a team. 

Ally felt vindicated because she now knew she was not this crazy person everyone was painting her as, so she rushed over to find Meadow in the garage all tied up. 

It was not long before Harrison, and his beau noticed what was going on, but Ally and Meadow were on their way to safety, apparently. All roads lead to the Butcher on Main. 

What went through Ally's mind for her to think that going there would solve any of the issues? Would that not be the first place for the cult to look if they wanted to dole out some horror?


Sarah Paulson for FX

Meadow spilled the beans about everything, even going as far as saying that Ally was just one piece of the puzzle and that multiple different plans were going on across the city. 

The end result? To scare everyone into thinking Kai was the man who was going to lead them through the fear. That's not entirely a bad plan when you think about it, but it would take a master manipulator to carry it out. 

With Evan Peters' Kai in the mix, what could possibly go wrong? He has all the traits of Charles Manson and has already proven he's willing to cut his team members out of the equation. 

Adina Porter as a Clown

Meadow revealed that she loved Kai, but she quickly realized that was what he did to reel people into his cause before he ditched them and moved on to the next one. 

“There’s only way to stop him,” Meadow concluded. “We have to kill him.”

While all of that was playing out, Sally Keffler was trying her best to cause an uprising and take Kai down once and for all. After ridiculing him at a town meeting and gaining some support in the process, Kai knew he had to take her out. 

While Meadow was left with the crazy therapist aka Kai's brother, Ally went to visit Sally, and they bonded over their mutual love for imported coffee from Italy. 

Leslie Grossman on American Horror Story

Sally agreed to help Ally prove what was going on in town, but they were interrupted by the cult. Sally was killed, and it was made to look like a suicide thanks to Facebook and Ivy gave Ally a last-minute reprieve. 

“No one’s going to believe that,” Sally tried to tell Kai, but his response was epic: “Of course they will — it’s on Facebook.”

This all came after Kai told Ivy he would help her get revenge on Ally for calling Ozzy "my son" after giving birth to him. So, are we to assume that Ivy still has some feelings for Ally?

You bet. 

Evan Peters on American Horror Story

We then picked up at the mass shooting and Meadow was the one firing the gun. As expected, it was all part of a ruse on Kai's part, so Ally sounded crazier. 

So, Meadow signed over her life in the hope of meeting with Kai in the afterlife because of course, she did. 

Sigh. We thought Meadow was silly, but not this silly. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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