American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: Who is Part of the Cult?

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The scares were back in full force on American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 5 as the cult put its next mission in play. 

When the episode got underway, the group met up to run down their next plan. Beverly was put on the spot because her boss would not air the Serena murder video, so Kai put a sick plan in action to kill Bob. 

But, before that all happened we got the reveal that Ivy has been in the cult all along and has been pretty much causing a lot of Ally's episodes. It was not exactly surprising, and it made the whole thing make sense. 

When it came to killing Bob, all of them dressed up in their clown costumes. When they got to his house, he had a gimp in the attic. After back and forth, Kai killed the man who was strung up. 

Beverly took the final hit on Bob, and it was all caught on camera to leak to the news. The reason behind the whole thing was that it would allow Kai to move up the ranks of the council to secure the votes. 

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Meanwhile, Ally struggled to come to terms with being alone and turned to the therapist to help her change her stance on things. She did not want to be the crazy mother any longer and thought it would be best to fix herself for her son. 

Back at the house, the curiosity got the better of her when she caught Harrison getting up close and personal with the detective. When she crossed over to the house, she found out that Meadow was alive and about to be killed. 

Ally ran home and called Ivy, but Meadow appeared at the window, screaming all the details about the cult and revealed that Ivy was part of it all along. This vindicated Ally because she knew she was no longer mad.

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The biggest twist of all, however, came in the form of a flashback. Kai revealed that the therapist is his brother and that they covered up the murder-suicide of their parents so that they could continue with their lives. 

Oh, and Winter was the whiney sister who eventually played along with all of it to continue her time at college. 

The big finish involved Kai realizing that RJ needed to be taken out before he opened his mouth to the cops. This put Ivy in a tough position as she was forced to use a nail gun to hit him in the head. 

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The cult took turns and killed RJ. 

Now, that's how you shock the audience, American Horror Story. All of the twists were crazy!

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