Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Messy Messy Kelsey

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Kelsey found herself in quite the predicament on Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 7 as she continued to pursue something with Alex in the aftermath of her split with Garrett. 

When the episode got underway, Chloe was mad about Alex and Paul fat-shaming her, and rightfully so. Every single time Alex opens his mouth on the show, it gives us another reason to hate him. 

Madisson and Grant on Siesta Key

He is becoming one of the worst people on reality TV, and he's the only thing dragging this show down right now. After having her weight questioned, Chloe turned to Garrett to help her work out. 

If you watch Siesta Key online, you will know that Garrett is very much into fitness. That's why he has abs for days.

Did Chloe go meet Garrett just to spill the beans about what happened between Alex and Kelsey? 

Garrett Miller Dodges Hurricane Irma

She conveniently pointed out that Kelsey and Alex went on a date and that they were very close during the trip to Bihimi. But, what did she miss from her big tale?

The news that Juliette slept with Alex that same night, of course!

Instead, she glossed over it, and it put Garrett in a real bad mood as he wanted to get to the cause of why Kelsey was lying to him about Alex. 

Chloe and Garrett agreed to become workout buddies, but something tells me these two would make a good couple. They both keep getting shunned by their respective cliques, so at least they have something in common. 

In fact, they also hate Alex, so that's two things right there. 

Garrett wasted no time in meeting up with Kelsey. As expected, she failed to mention that the game she was playing with Alex involved losing some clothing. 

Did she not know that MTV was going to air the episodes? Like, get it together. 

Kelsey Owens Wears Black

Kelsey wanted Garrett to listen to her truths from that moment forward. She was sick to death of people adding things on to construct elaborate rumors to assassinate her character. 

Kelsey was not doing herself any favors. She should just be straight up and there would be zero issues.

Her mother's condition seemed to be worsening, and she had a lot on her plate, so she worried about whether her mother would deteriorate some more. 

Debbie is a strong woman and does not want her daughter to miss out on portions of her life because of her illness. She is a solid example of a great parent and Kelsey is lucky to have her. 

Juliette Porter Poses

Meanwhile, Juliette wanted some clarity about where she stood with Alex. It was so obvious she wanted to be his girlfriend, but the lothario just cannot be tamed. 

Hitting up Facetime to get some details, Juliette was blindsided when Alex essentially said they were never going to happen. They each agreed to put their thing aside and move on from it. 

Alex seemed glad, while Juliette sobbed on her bed as she realized it was never going to work with Alex. She would be wise to move on with someone who actually likes her. 

Chloe Trautman Poses

Chloe made her way to her therapist to speak about recent events and how they have affected her. The main takeaway from the meeting was that she wanted independence and part of that was being hindered due to financial reasons. 

Not everyone is as rich as Alex, so it's intriguing to see someone who genuinely wants to save to achieve things in life. 

The best part of the episode was Chloe laying down the law with Alex. She essentially cut him off and he the expression on his face did not even change. 

He apologized, but it was the least sincere apology in the history of apologies. The kid really needs to think about his actions because there's only so long his friends will put up with his antics. 

Madisson On Siesta Key

The final event of the episode centered around a BBQ at Madisson's house. Her ex-boyfriend from college was in attendance, as well as her new boyfriend. 

It was awkward, but Madisson was genuinely considering moving to New York because of the increased job prospects for her. 

The episode concluded with Alex and Kelsey making out in the pool while Madisson looked out the window at them. 


The drama is heating up in Siesta Key, and we're eagerly anticipating what's coming next!

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