Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Bimini, Baby!

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The Siesta Key cast made their way to Bimini on Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 6, and they proved that they could not have a few days without some big drama. 

The big drama, in this case, of course, surrounded what was going on between Kelsey and Alex. With rumors swirling amongst the group about what happened after the hot tub incident at the gala, Kelsey denied anything happened. 

Even though Chloe was not a fan of Amanda after everything that happened between them, she turned to Amanda to stir the pot. She told Amanda that Kelsey called her a liar.

Amanda pulled Kelsey aside and grilled her about what was actually said. Kelsey admitted to being in the room with Alex and changing into dry clothing but stressed that nothing happened. 

"This is a kickass group of friends, and they are going to torment the shit out of you if you deny something," Amanda opined when Kelsey persisted that she was an innocent bystander. 

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Juliette was jealous about the connection between Kelsey and Alex and got really drunk on one of the nights out, and Kelsey continued to try and keep Alex on her side. 

"Alex, I'd like to leave," Juliette said as he sat with Kelsey. 

"It's okay, I'll live," Alex replied as Kelsey burst out laughing. 

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"Kelsey was really starting to cross the line into my territory, but she was in for a rude awakening," Juliette narrated. 

When the group went out for drinks the next day, Alex and Juliette had a chat. 

"So, uh, what's the deal with you and Kelsey? Fireworks," Juliette asked.

"I'm sensing some jealousy right here," Alex replied with a grin. 

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"I just think it's funny that you take her out, but you like me way more."

After that, Alex went on a date with Kelsey while the others went out for drinks. Juliette continued to trash Kelsey. Little did Kelsey know Juliette had a plan. 

Later, when Alex was drunk, Juliette found her way into his room, and they got hot and heavy. 

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"Kelsey may have owned the day, but I own the night, and that's all that ever counted with Alex," Juliette told the audience. 

Um, classy, we think. 

Chloe was not amused that Juliette was dragging Kelsey and doing the same thing. 

"You shouldn't have done that. You judge Kelsey, and you did the same thing," she said.

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"I don't give a shit. I'll tell her boyfriend," Juliette countered with a smile.

God, this group is so toxic. Kelsey is scared to return home to speak with Garrett because obviously, her relationship is over. 

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