Scott Peterson: Was He Plotting to Murder Amber Frey, Too?!

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Despite the grisly details of Laci Peterson's murder and Scott Peterson's conviction and death sentence, there are still a few people out there who believe that Scott Peterson is innocent.

(The comments that we got the last time that we wrote about this are evidence enough of the enduring controversy.)

We wonder what his defenders will think of the news that Scott Peterson allegedly planned to murder his mistress, too. ...

Amber Frey


So, to those of you who may have forgotten, Amber Frey was Scott Peterson's mistress.

She also testified against him in court.

Even if you didn't pay attention at the time of the trial or you were too young to have really been exposed to the coverage, you probably recognize Amber's name.

(And, not for nothing, but "Amber Frey" is one of the best names that we have ever heard, ever, in our lives. But maybe don't go naming your kids that.)

It sounds like Amber might have never gotten the chance to testify if Scott Peterson hadn't been apprehended while allegedly trying to flee south of the border.

Scott Peterson Mugshot

Scott Peterson looked completely different when he was captured.

Law enforcement believed that he had disguised himself in order to flee to Mexico and avoid his trial.

He didn't make it, and now he sits on death row for the murder of Laci Peterson.

Laci Peterson was 8 months pregnant. Their child would have been a son named Connor.

His fetus was actually found before Laci's body; investigators believe that the fetus had slipped out of her body while in the water.

Laci's body was also missing most or all of various limbs, along with her head. After such a massive search, it was a ... grim find.

Scott Peterson

Scott was convicted, but it sounds like might have done more than just escape if he hadn't been caught.

According to RadarOnline, Scott Peterson was in possession of a map to Amber Frey's home.

Why, you might ask, would Scott need a map to the home of his mistress?

Some apparently believe that he was planning to murder Amber Frey, too.

You might wonder what Scott Peterson's possible motive might have been.

But you should remember that Scott Peterson had apparently claimed, weeks before his wife's death, that he was a recent widower and that this Christmas would be his first without his wife.

An absurd lie to tell, even if, at the time, he wasn't planning Laci's murder but simply trying to get a little sympathy.

Scott and Laci Peterson

But after his wife's death, one wonders if Scott ever thought about his past words and how they might be used against him.

Unfortunately, we don't know for certain why Scott Peterson might have had that map.

We also don't know even the exact cause of death behind Laci Peterson's murder.

Scott Peterson, despite everything, has maintained his innocence, even as he sits on death row, waiting for his lethal injection.

Understandably, Scott would have little to gain from confessing now.

And, as we've mentioned, he still has some avid supporters who believe that police jumped to conclusions.

Hey, O.J. Simpson still has people who believe that he was framed. That's just how people are.

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