Lady Gaga: I Swear, I'm Not Faking My Disease!

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It's been a rough few months for Lady Gaga.

And, as we're continuing to learn, it doesn't look like things are going to get easier anytime soon.

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As she revealed last week, she's been suffering from fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes chronic pain and tiredness.

There are other symptoms, and we don't know all the symptoms Gaga is suffering from, but she's made it clear that, at the very least, she's in severe pain.

And that kind of pain doesn't really work for a woman whose job involves strutting around for hours onstage, usually in ridiculously high heels.

That's why she had to announce earlier this week that she wouldn't be able to perform at Rock in Rio -- because she is "suffering from severe physical pain."

Along with that announcement, she shared a photo of herself in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm.

She explained that she was "devastated" that she wouldn't be able to perform, but "I have to take care of my body right now."

Lady Gaga In Hospital

Pretty sad, right?

But it looks like things are just getting worse for her.

Yesterday, Lady Gaga announced that she is canceling the entire European leg of her world tour.

From September 21st to October 28th, she was scheduled to roam around the continent, performing for her fans, but now that's been pushed back to "early 2018."

Again, the announcement stated that Gaga is "devastated" at this turn of events, but her health is preventing her from touring.

Along with the official announcement, she included a much more personal message.

Lady Gaga with Rosary

"I have always been honest about my physical and mental health struggles," she wrote. "Searching for years to get to the bottom of them."

"It is complicated and difficult to explain, and we are trying to figure it out."

"As I get stronger and when I feel ready," she explained, "I will tell my story in more depth, and plan to take this on strongly so I can not only raise awareness, but expand research for others who suffer as I do, so I can help make a difference."

She said that she doesn't throw around that "suffer" word to get pity or attention, and that she's been "disappointed to see people online suggest that I'm being dramatic, making this up, or playing the victim to get out of touring."

"If you knew me, you would know this couldn't be further from the truth. I'm a fighter."

Our beloved Lady Gaga wrote "I use the word suffer not only because trauma and chronic pain have changed my life, but because they are keeping me from living a normal life."

Lady Gaga Sings at Coachella

"They are also keeping me from what I love the most in the world: performing for my fans."

She concluded her message by saying that she can't wait to tour again, "but I have to be with my doctors right now so I can be strong and perform for you all for the next 60 years or more. I love you so much."

What a gem.

And she definitely has a point -- even if you've only kept an eye on her over the years, you'd know how seriously she takes touring.

She's always been very close with her fans, and she's always put on incredible shows, so to accuse her of faking an illness so that she wouldn't have to go on tour is honestly pretty dumb.

Dumb, and also very insulting.

We know she's a hard worker, we know she genuinely loves music, and there's no literally no reason to believe that she'd lie about something this serious for any reason at all.

Come on now, people.

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