Kate Middleton Due Date: Revealed!!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton announced that they're expecting their third child earlier this week, and now we know when.

Approximately. Probably. Maybe.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Together

As was the case in late 2012, Kate's morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, forced her to miss a public appearance.

It was that which forced her to explain to the public why she was ill, revealing the joyous baby news sooner than she may have preferred.

In other words, we know Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third royal offspring very early in the pregnancy. Which leads us to this:

Many, if not most women wait until the 12-week mark, around the end of their first trimester, to go public with the fact that they're expecting.

The risk of miscarriages is dramatically reduced after that point, which it's widely assumed the 35-year-old hasn't reached yet.

Or has she?

Kate Middleton Cut Thumb

William, speaking at the National Mental Health and Policing conference in Oxford, England, on September 5, may have spilled it.

When congratulated by an audience member, he said, "Thank you, it's very good news. There's not much sleep going on at the moment."

He continued, according to Life & Style, by saying that "it was a bit anxious to start with," but that they can "start celebrating this week."

Many interpreted that quote as an acknowledgment that the 12-week pregnancy benchmark has been reached, or will be imminently.

If she were 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow, for example, the 40-week mark (typically one's due date) would be March 23, 2018.

Expect the bookmakers to have a field day with that, along with the names of the child ... not that Will or Kate will spill that.

These two keep things close to the vest overall.

Kate Middleton Views Her British Vogue Portraits

In any case, Middleton's third royal baby will be fifth in the line of succession for the British throne, behind Prince Charles, the heir apparent.

Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte are next, in that order, followed by William's brother Prince Harry ... for now.

Due to a change in the law of succession concerning gender, little Charlotte will not be leapfrogged if her younger sibling is a boy.

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for more than 60 (!) years with no end in sight, though the future of the throne is a fun parlor game.

Rumors of Kate Middleton becoming queen have run rampant lately, with the implication behind that HRM wants Charles to abdicate.

Don't bet on that happening, even if the crux of this gossip - that Will and Kate would be more popular monarchs - has some validity.

We don't think Will or Kate are the types who care to push his own dad out of the way, either. They seem to value their privacy.

Especially while they're raising young kids, the status quo - a healthy queen, and Charles as heir apparent - will suit them well.

Here's wishing Kate good health as she battles this severe morning sickness for the third time, while raising two little children.

Royal or not, that's a tall order.

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