Kailyn Lowry Shares "Graphic" Account of Third Child's Birth

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If you follow her on social media, then by now, you're aware that Kailyn Lowry has welcomed her third child.

If the kid has a name, Kailyn is keeping it to herself, but otherwise she's been an open book about the daunting process of becoming a single mother of three.

Kailyn and Family

We know that Kailyn was more intimidated by the impending arrival of "Baby Lo" than she was by the births of her first two sons.

We know that after initial concerns that he wanted no part in the life of his son, Chris Lopez drove Kailyn home from the hospital and has been assisting with parenting duties ever since.

We know that despite her initial fears and misgivings, Kailyn has experienced some of the most intense feelings of joy and gratitude that she's known in her entire life in the weeks since the birth of her third child.

Yes, after a pregnancy characterized by a baffling level of secrecy, Kailyn has been more open than ever since welcoming Baby Lo.

(There's still the name issue, of course, but we're sure she has her reasons for keeping that on the down-low.)

Baby Lo

Now, Kailyn is opening up like never before, offering a detailed account of the birth of her third son in a recent blog post:

"You guys! I debated writing this post because there are obviously graphic details, lol but also because I don't know if I could ever convey what the night actually looked like," she begins.

"Let me start off by saying, both Isaac and Lincoln had pretty long labors. Isaac's at 13 hours and Lincoln's at 16 hours."

She goes on:

"I had some friends over the night I went into labor... made dinner, played cards then sat on the couch to watch the Crossfit games. Around 1 am I literally FELT AND HEARD a noise."

Here, Kailyn pauses to warn readers that what follows is "graphic, TMI":

"It was my mucus plug... literally heard it and felt it, WHAT THE ACTUAL F-CK," she continues.

"I call Chris to let him know what's happening and that if my water breaks or anything else I'll keep him posted. And sure enough, MINUTES later... my water breaks."

Kailyn Lowry Breastfeeds

A seasoned veteran in the art of bringing new life into the world, Kailyn initially attempts to play it cool, knowing that it might still be quite some time before she goes into labor.

"Get to the top of my stairs, thinking ok I should shower and try to take a nap (at 1:30 am, LOL) in case I'm gona go into labor," Kailyn writes.

"Water starts breaking at the top of my stairs and contractions are instantly 3 mins apart... consistently. I get out of the shower and the rest of my water smacks on the floor........ coooool. LMAO."

From there, Kailyn does into vivid detail describing the pain she endured during labor:

"Finally, we are in the car & my friend Rachel is essentially my doula in the backseat all while looking both ways while we run 3 red lights," Lowry writes.

"So it's 2:24 AM and I'm like omg I have to push. So if we get pulled over right now, I'm giving birth in the car. I get to the hospital at 2:45 AM.

Kailyn Lowry as a Teen Mom

"I can barely sign my name on the papers... they're struggling to get the IV in, I'm 6 cm... I'm begging for pain meds but the paperwork isn't done."

Though she predicted a labor of at least several hours, it seems Kailyn underestimated the efficiency of her own body:

"I said 'I CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT MEDS' and all the sudden I feel my body almost like curl up into a ball and then I turned into Super Saiyan, as Chris said, and sprawl out, arching my back, the nurses are yelling now, "chin to chest" and baby was out 2 pushes later. 3 am on the dot," she writes.

She concludes by noting that the process was over so quickly that her doctor wasn't on hand for the birth and arrived "in time to deliver my placenta."

We suppose if you had any lingering doubts that Kailyn Lowry is a badass, that story - and the lighthearted manner in which she told it - should effectively remove them from your mind.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Kailyn's courage in the face of daunting new challenges.

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