Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin: ACTUALLY Getting Back Together?!

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Shortly after Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin divorced, it looked like the Teen Mom 2 couple might pull off the impossible and actually maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship despite being broken up.

Sadly, it wasn't long before things took a turn for the worse.

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Much of the damage done to Lowry and Marroquin's relationship was a result of Javi's somewhat hostile reaction to the news that Kailyn was expecting a third child.

Javi entering Kailyn's home without her permission and prompting her to file for a restraining order didn't exactly help the situation, either.

Kailyn isn't entirely blameless, of course, as she's publicly thrown unprovoked shade at Javi on a number of occasions.

After learning of his relationship with Lauren Comeau, for example, Kailyn took to Twitter to accuse Javi of taking the women in his life on duplicate dates, in the fashion of a heartless player.

For a while there, the Lowry-Marroquin cold war seemed ready to explode, but lately, things seem to have settled down.

And now, fans think they've spotted a subtle sign that the exes might once again be friends (and possibly more).

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"Hey, @MTV how many retweets would it take to film a charity skydive with the @TeenMom casts?" Kailyn tweeted.

It's wonderful that Kailyn is looking for ways to benefit the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but as some fans pointed out, she's independently wealthy and could easily just finance the sky diving venture on her own.

Better yet, she could cut out the costly skydiving aspect entirely, make a sizable cash donation, and encourage her co-stars to do the same.

Sorry, we got off on a bit of a tangent there.

And hey, if Kail can combine her love of sky-diving with her philanthropic efforts, more power to her.

Anyway, the real reason this tweet has piqued the interest of fans is that Kailyn tagged Javi in it.

Javi, Kailyn and Son

Now, that's hardly a sign that the two of them are planning to get re-married, but taken alongside other evidence, it could be interpreted as an indication that the former couple is at least back on good terms.

For one thing, they haven't trashed one another on social media in months.

In fact, Javi slammed Jenelle Evans in a recent interview, seemingly because of Jenelle's recent shadiness in revealing Kailyn's pregnancy without permisssion.

Javi didn't explicitly come to Kailyn's defense, but many fans took his comments as a sign that he's still got her back.

Add to that the fact that Kailyn and Javi both appear to be single these days (Comeau hasn't appeared on Marroquin's Instagram page in several weeks, and he appears to be enjoying the company of other young women.), and it's not hard to see how fans might get the impression that Lincoln's parents might be on the verge of reconciliation.

Kailyn Lowry with Javi Marroquin Photo

It's not hard to see why TM2 obsessives are so excited about the idea of Kailyn and Javi getting back together.

After all, with the possible exception of Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer, the Teen Mom franchise has never seen a more beloved couple.

There was a time when it really looked as though Lowry and Marroquin were in it for the long haul, and were it not for the challenges presented by his lengthy deployment with the U.S. Air Force, they might have made it.

Seeing two people who seem to genuinely love one another get torn apart by the challenges of a cross-continental relationship is unequivocally a bummer.

And it's hard to imagine a better happy ending than Kail and Javi finding their way back to one another.

For now, however, it seems there's little possibility of Lowry and Marroquin getting back together.

Javi, Kailyn and Kids

Still, you can't blame their devoted 'shippers for dreaming about the possibility.

Thus far, neither party has spoken out about the reconciliation rumors, and some fans think their silence speaks volumes.

Whatever the case, we're guessing fans will be painstakingly combing through their social media pages for clues in the days to come.

Feel free to drop us a line if you find anything compelling, folks!

And as always, Watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to relive Kailyn and Javi's rocky romance.

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