Bristol Palin Puts Lipstick on Daughter, Internet Has a Conniption

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Sarah Palin once asked supporters to name the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull.

Simple, the then-Vice Presidential candidate said during her stump speech, lipstick.

This line always drew a lot of applause and laughter.

Bristol Palin with Baby

Fast forward many years later, however, and critics on the Internet are not cheering on Palin's daughter when it comes to her use of this makeup product.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Bristol Palin is under siege at the moment for a photo she recently shared on Instagram, one in which she's applying lipstick to her young daughter, Sailor.

"Unboxing my @fabfitfun fall box YOU GUYS!! I love being a #fabfitfunpartner these boxes are INCREDIBLE!!" Bristol wrote as a caption to the following image, adding as part of her advertisement:

"As I'm sure you already know - it's a seasonal subscription box filled to the brim with high end, sought after, full sized products! (ps: something you may NOT know.. I'm an esthetician & worked under a dermatologist for over 7 years, so I know beauty products!) & these products are truly AMAZING!!!

"MY FALL BOX FAV: dpHUE apple cider vinegar hair rinse, my hair has never felt smoother.

"I look forward to these boxes every season & they have allowed me to try new things that I normally would not!"

Bristol Palin Makes Up Daughter

That's a lot to digest.

But once you get past the product hawking Bristol is doing here, you're left with a picture that depicts her putting some lipstick on her two-year old daughter.

And the Internet is simply NOT having this.

"Little girls should be be wearing makeup. Period," wrote one follower, while another added:

"For shame! How dare you treat this little girl like a doll?!?"

Palin, of course, has been a subject of controversy ever since it was revealed during the 2008 Presidential election that she was pregnant with a child out of wedlock.

She has since gone on to give birth to two more children and to marry their father, Dakota Meyer.

Bristol Palin, Third Baby

We've given Palin a lot of flak over the years because she does sort of suck in many ways.

But come on now.

Can we stop with the mommy shaming?!?

It's okay to give your child Nutella sometimes... it's okay to dress up your five-year old like a mermaid... and it's okay to put some makeup on your toddler.

This is all in good fun, it's all harmless and, perhaps most importantly of all, this is all none of your business, annoying trolls on the World Wide Web.

There's A LOT you can slam Bristol Palin for. But the photo above does not qualify.

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