American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: Death Became Whom?

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Kai is one of the most manipulative people in the history of television, and Evan Peters is playing him so well. 

When American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 4 got underway, we picked up with all of the characters voting in the election, and we got to see some mass hysteria at the polling station in the form of Chaz Bono's character making his way to the station without his hand. 

But, how did that all happen? The episode took us all the way back and filled in a lot of the blanks. In a heinous move, Gary sexually assaulted Ivy during a rally. 

We got to see a much nicer and less paranoid version of Ally, and she did not want to attend the rally because she thought there was no way a reality TV star was getting inside the White House. 

She probably feels very silly right about now! Winter came to Ivy's defense during the big ordeal, proving they knew each other Winter was hired to look after Ozzy. 

Evan Peters for FX

The pair joined forces and kidnapped Gary in the hopes of making sure he could not vote for Trump. Not one to miss out on a move, Kai joined in on the fun and helped Gary escape, but it involved letting the man cut his hand off. 

And just like that, Kai had a brand new follower. Gary was not his only new lemming, however. 

We got to see what really happened between Meadow and Harrison before they joined forces with the blue-haired world dominator. 

Harrison's life was all over the place before Kai helped him see something better. It took Harrison killing his awful boss to understand just how powerful Kai was. 

Leslie Grossman on American Horror Story

Meadow was mad because Harrison did not satisfy her in the bedroom. That's what happens when you make a pact to marry your Gay BFF. 

The odd thing about all of it was the Meadow did not seem concerned about Harrison slicing and dicing the corpse of his boss in a motel room. 

Harrison seemed like he wanted a sense of direction and that's exactly what Kai gave him, so that explains why a lot of stuff has happened in recent weeks. 

Evan Peters on American Horror Story

Emma Roberts was also in the fold as Serena, who could easily pass as a brunette version of Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens. She was the woman who was giving out oral sex to get to the top of the TV hosting game. 

Beverly was mad that Serena was getting her way, so Kai helped Beverly out by killing Serena and the cameraman live on air during a segment on dogs. 

So, Serena had a one-episode stint, and it advanced the plot in a big way. We now know a lot about Kai's plan and that the clowns are very much real. 

Billie Lourd on American Horror Story

The bigger question right now surrounds Ivy and whether she was having sex with Winter before hiring her. That would be messed up, especially when you consider her reaction to Winter getting hot and heavy with Ally. 

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