American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Neighbors From Hell

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Who would have thought American Horror Story Season 7 would emerge as one of the best seasons of the anthology series?

When American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 3 got underway, we got to meet a couple who were being a little too positive about things. They chatted to the Dr. Rudy about Rosie conquering her fears and returning to the person she once was. 

Sarah Paulson, Alison Pill For FX

In true American Horror Story fashion, disaster struck when they returned home to celebrate with some red wine. Mark disappeared into the bedroom to retrieve a "surprise" for Rosie. 

Rosie heard a scuffle and went in to be greeted by two caskets, and a swarm of clowns invaded the room and put the husband and wife in an early grave. 

It was a little bit convenient that Dr. Rudy knew all of Rosie's fears. We can put him at the top of the list of suspects. He is in a great position to terrorize people because he knows everything about them. 

Leslie Grossman on American Horror Story

When we returned to Ally, she was trying to put the pieces together about what happened with Pedro. She was mad Ozzy had to witness it all go down. 

Then, Jack revealed that Ally was not in trouble because of the law in Michigan states that you can defend your home against an intruder. 

Ivy was surprisingly okay with Ally having the gun. Maybe she felt bad about sending Pedro in the first place, but she did not exactly address that part of it. 

Evan Peters on American Horror Story

When the duo made their way to the restaurant, they were greeted with protests from the public because Ally murdered a man of color, so Ally stayed in the car. 

Kai appeared and promised he would find a way to make everything right again for her, and she seemed happy to have someone fighting in her corner. 

When she returned home, Meadow and Harrison appeared wearing sombreros to accuse her her of racism. They spoke about Taco Bell and other Mexican establishments to play the race card. 

Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman for FX

“I’m 23 percent Mexican,” Harrison yells. “Does that make you want to kill me?”

The scorned husband and wife then thought it would be fun to make a fake Craigslist ad to get a horrible naked man to show up Ally's home and demand oral sex. 

Winter let him in the house, and things got pretty awkward when Ally and Ivy appeared and witnessed the dude getting his rocks off. 

But then the neighbors decided to try and get Ozzy on their side and gifted him with a guinea pig named Mr. Guinea. The mothers were annoyed, and Ally said they were getting rid of him. 

Ozzy then said he wished his mother was leaving, so that caused a lot of drama in the house. But, the biggest twist of all was the poor guinea pig exploding in the microwave. 

Billie Lourd on American Horror Story

This sent Ally on the rampage because someone had also marked the house with the smiley face. Meadow and Harrison said they were marked for murder now. 

Each of the Wiltons made their way to Kai and made it clear they resented the other, and it gave Kai all the leverage he needed to cause some horror for them. 

Harrison allegedly woke up to find Meadow dead in bed next to him after a brutal murder. He blamed Ally in full view of the police just moments after Ivy found a video of Ally getting close to Winter. 

Sarah Paulson On American Horror Story

On top of all that, someone was spraying the neighborhood with poisonous gas that was killing all the wildlife, so are we to assume that Kai is doing everything in his power to destroy Ally's community?

It certainly seems that way. Oh, and it also seems like Harrison was having an affair with Jack, so that's another reason Ally and her family should probably escape while they still can. 

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