Teen Mom 2 Recap: What the Hell is She Thinking?!

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On Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 3 Monday night, Kailyn Lowry decided to come clean about the BIG secret she had been keeping ...

Not that viewers were particularly shocked.

Meanwhile on the MTV hit, Briana DeJesus considered adoption after her breakup with Luis, but not everyone in her life was on board.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that DeJesus was added to the cast to add some drama, and suffice it to say, she's done it.

In the aftermath of her breakup with her would-be baby daddy, Bri called an adoption agency to get some information about the process.

Obviously, she didn't go through with it.

Knowing that DeJesus is happily raising little Stella at this point renders some of the drama of Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 3 moot.

Still, it's interesting to see how she arrived at that point ... and how when Luis texted her that he misses her, Briana's sister told him:

Get some lotion and use your hand. Ick.

Lowry on Teen Mom 2

Last night belonged to Kailyn, though.

After she revealed that she'd finally start talking about her pregnancy on camera, which she had tried to avoid, not everyone was happy.

Jo Rivera, her original baby daddy, and his fiancee, Vee Torres, were particularly dismayed ... not that she's going public, but in general.

Vee said what we're all thinking: Kailyn makes unfortunate life decisions, like getting pregnant for the third time by a third different guys.

And, unlike Jenelle Evans, that third different guy (Chris Lopez) has no interest in sticking around, and the baby's not even here yet.

"She brought all of us [to Delaware], she’s doing all this s--t. What the hell is she thinking?” Vee said after Jo brought up the pregnancy.

Jo Rivera and Vee Torres Photo

“She should have just been with herself for a while. Like I just don’t understand why… it’s not just her life. Like she’s affecting everyone."

Probably good Kailyn wasn't there for that.

Later, Jo and Kailyn's son Isaac started crying at dinner with Kailyn, Jo and Lincoln, since he wants mom and dad to live together again.

Sad as that is, seeing Lincoln comforting Isaac was sweet; Javi Marroquin, Isaac's dad, is a good father, as is Jo, who's come a long way.

Here's hoping both of them will continue to be, and that their growing, modern family will offer Kailyn some kind of support going forward.

We know Chris Lopez won't be.

Speaking of difficult family situations, Jenelle and Barbara Evans have been at each other's throats, with David Eason trying to intervene.

Jenelle Evans Baby Photo

Of course, David isn't a top-notch mediator, yelling curse words and bad-mouthing Barbara like it's his job every time he heard a phone call.

When Jenelle called Barbara to arrange dropping Jace off, he caused even more drama ... because Barbara sided with him, interestingly.

Will this get worse before it gets better?

In South Dakota, Chelsea struggled with Aubree's behavior, as the little girl is clearly thrown off by the presence of baby brother Watson.

Chelsea asked Aubree why her behavior changed after Watson was born, and Aubree admitted she gets jealous on multiple levels.

The baby smiles at Cole, but never her, and mom and dad stay up late with the baby while she has to go to bed. Kind of understandable ...

Chelsea Houska and Family in Florida

Leah Messer also had to deal with some upset children this week, as Addie wept over not spending enough time with her dad, Jeremy.

Her second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert has always worked a lot, and often far away from home, to make a living as a pipeline engineer.

Life in a divorced household is hard.

Everyone on this show has at least one baby daddy who isn't currently with them, leading to all kinds of emotional, parental conflicts.

Some are handled better than others, and some co-parenting arrangements work more smoothly than others. That goes without saying.

At the end of the day, each of the Teen Mom 2 stars has a lot on her plate, but they're trying the best they can to persevere as always.

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