Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Who Broke Up?

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Kelsey and Garrett are no longer the power couple of the Siesta Key. 

On Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 5, the couple finally decided to end their relationship after things just got a little too awkward for them to continue to be a thing. 

When the episode got underway, Kelsey, Alex, Madisson, and Brandon were in the hot tub. It was clear Kelsey and Alex were getting closer than ever before. 

We then switched gears to Kelsey talking with her mother about her relationship with Garrett. Her mother is legit the only person who talks sense on this show. 

Kelsey was obviously worried about her feelings for Alex and also the fact that her mother's condition was deteriorating. We think it's fair to say she had a lot on her plate. 

Kelsey Owens

She opened up quickly to Garrett about flirting with Alex in the hot tub. Unfortunately for Kelsey, Garrett had already checked out of the relationship and essentially told her they were on a break. 

He told her to go on the Bahamas trip without him and warned her that if she went with Alex in the meantime, there would be no way they would rekindle their relationship. 

While all of that was going down, Madisson was preparing for her graduation dinner while getting closer to Brandon. Everyone seemed to question why Madisson was closer to Brandon than Alex. 

Madisson On Siesta Key

Maybe she was ready to cut Alex off because he's already banged half the cast. Something about Brandon seems off, and we're worried that Madisson is making a mistake by growing closer to him. 

Juliette was still keeping her distance from Alex, but all it took was him to invite her on his boat to get back in her good books. Do all of these kids use Alex for a good time?

He has the personality of a bag of rocks so that would make sense. Sometimes, Siesta Key feels as though the cast are reading from a script. All of Alex's scenes come across that way. 

Alex Kompothecras

In the end, Kelsey and Alex got closer during the boat trip, while Brandon revealed that Alex and Kelsey got jiggy after getting closer in the hot tub. 

We don't know what Kelsey sees in Alex, but we're most definitely not on board with this new pairing. Alex will trade her in for a new girl as soon as he's had a few beers. 

What do you think of them apparently getting together?

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