Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Dirty Laundry

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Is Alex Kompothecras the worst person to ever grace reality TV?

That thought crossed my mind several times while watching Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 4. The big jumping off point for the show's best episode to date found the rich kid being confronted by Chloe about taking a trip to Bone Town with Amanda. 

It became apparent straight off the bat that Alex was not remorseful for his actions and instead, opted to claim that he and Juliette were just a fling and were not official. 

If anything, this paints Juliette as some sort of stalker. If you think about Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 1's opening, Juliette opened up about how well things were going with Alex. 

Did Alex have her under some false sense of security until he decided to get hot and heavy with whichever chick he wanted to?

Alex Kompothecras

It sure seemed to be the case, and for that reason, he's a difficult personality to read. Even when he was essentially forced to confirm the truth to Juliette, he did not seem remorseful in the slightest. 

Obviously, the drama on the show as manipulated, but aren't the people appearing supposed to be able to carry the lies and make them believable?

In any case, we got to hear Juliette say what most viewers have probably thought about him since the get-go. 

"You really are a piece of shit," she said after finding out about him going with Amanda. All Alex could do was stand like a petulant child who was getting into trouble for something. 

"Well, it's been real," said Juliette as she slammed her car door shut to make him think she was through with him. 

Siesta Key Season 1 Cast

Of course, Juliette's new-found resentment towards Amanda was music to Chloe's ears because it meant if Amanda stepped on more foot out of line, she could probably be ousted from the group. 

What was great about the big cheating scandal was that it seemed like Juliette was going to go nuclear on Amanda for breaking the girl code. 

Instead, they walked together to get a drink after coming to the conclusion that it was all Alex's fault. Juliette would be wise to know what a snake looks like. 

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Garrett's relationship was on the rocks, and it all came down to Kelsey's commitment issues. It was so clear she did not want to put all of her eggs in one basket, and I can totally get on board with that. 

Her mother made the most sense out of everyone this week when she said that her daughter needs to live her life. Kelsey is young, and she has a lot of mistakes to make before settling down. 

Kelsey Owens

Garrett seems to be jealous of Kelsey's friendship with the rich kids and wants it to come to a grinding halt so they can marry and live happily ever after. 

Despite trying to mingle with everyone at the party, Kelsey found herself with Alex, and that was alright. She let him know that he gave a great speech, but Garrett thought something else was going on and ditched Kelsey and essentially said that he did not like the crew she was hanging around with. 

Kelsey needs to take a step back and assess whether a relationship is right for her, because staying in a relationship she is not into is not going to be beneficial to either of them. 

Siesta Key Stars

Which brings me to Brandon. That kid legit goes wherever he knows the cameras are to get some screen time. After being shot down by Amanda, he set his sights on Madisson. 

Does he have a thing for everyone Alex has been with? Is Juliette next on his list?

That's a wrap on Episode 4, but what did you think of all the drama?

Are you enjoying this series?

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