Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Who Will Kelsey Choose?

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With Chloe still facing the fallout from her anger, she had to find a way to get her friends back on board with her. 

On Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 3, we picked up on Chloe's plot as she met with her mother. If you watch Siesta Key online, you will know that her mother has been vocal about Chloe's anger issues. 

When Chloe ordered a drink, her mother opened up about just how difficult things must have been for her growing up.

Chloe seemed to be hiding something from the cameras and flipped out when her mother revealed that it could be down to her growing up without a father. 

Chloe made an expletive-filled exit, and her poor mother could only look on. 

After attending a therapist, it became apparent that Chloe had to make some changes in her life if she wanted to return to normal. 

Siesta Key Season 1 Cast

Part of that meant reaching out to Juliette because, well, she was heavily associated with Amanda. Chloe appeared at Juliette's house with sandwiches and ice cream.

They quickly got to the good stuff, and Juliette said the best way for the group to move on is for Chloe to own her $hit and apologize to Amanda. 

Juliette said that it would be a good idea to meet with Alex and Amanda to hash out their differences. Like viewers, Chloe said that Alex did not need to be there. 

Siesta Key Cast Members

We totally agree. Juliette is apparently worried about him getting closer to the other female cast members, and it showed. 

When Chloe and Juliette met with Amanda, Chloe apologized first and recognized that she was instrumental in the fight because of her attitude.

While Amanda agreed, she said that actions speak louder than words. 

So, she won't accept that Chloe had changed until she sees it with her own eyes.

Amanda never really addressed breaking Chloe's nose, but maybe that was a plot cooked up by the producers to ramp up the drama. 

Chloe then opened up to Pauly about burying the hatchet, but Pauly dropped the bomb that Amanda slept with Alex.

Yes, this really means war and Chloe will not stop until she proves Amanda is a snake. 

Elsewhere, Garrett and Kelsey's relationship hit a snag when it emerged that she, too, was getting closer to Alex.

When the couple bickered, Kelsey essentially said she did not know what she wanted. 

So, poor Garrett can only sit and wait around to find out what she decides. He would be wise to let Kelsey go if that was the way she was acting. 

Finally, Madisson found out that she was probably not getting an engineering role anytime soon because all of the other candidates had more experience. 

Madisson On Siesta Key

The scene seemed scripted, so we'll see how it all plays out. 

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