Ryan Edwards: Sending Nudes and Graphic Sexts Behind Wife's Back?!

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After watching Ryan Edwards nod off while driving to his romantic parking lot wedding to Mackenzie Standifer, we thought the guy couldn't get much worse.

And, well, honestly that's still probably the worst thing we've ever seen on Teen Mom.

Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards

Maybe a better way to phrase it would be "After watching Ryan endanger himself and others while driving high to his tragic wedding, we thought there was nowhere for him to go but up."

Yeah, that's better.

And it's also wrong.

Because as we're learning from this brand new cheating scandal, things certainly aren't looking up for Ryan anytime soon.

Just yesterday, we discussed some screenshots from an alleged conversation Ryan had with a young lady on Tinder.

If the idea of this guy having a Tinder account less than three months after getting married to Mackenzie Standifer wasn't bad enough, the things he was saying to this girl definitely was.

The conversation started out as innocently as a Tinder conversation can, but before too long, Ryan was asking the woman if she was "DTF."

Ryan Edwards at His Wedding

"Down to f-ck," for those of you not in the know.

She said that she was, depending on who was asking, and they began arranging a time and place for them to "chill" together.

In those screenshots, their last messages consisted of an exchange of phone numbers ...

And now Radar Online has screenshots of their text messages!

Warning: the following is graphic, disgusting, but also completely hilarious in a kind of tragic way.

The texts begin like most texts do -- your usual "What's up?", "Nothing, you?" business.

The girl asks Ryan for his last name, and after asking why she wants to know (to save his contact info, duh), he tells her it's Edwards.

Ryan Edwards Image

He also sends her a selfie, and yep, that's definitely Teen Mom OG's current hottest mess.

She asks him why he's on Tinder because "I thought you were married," and he confirms that he is married, but "I still like to have a little fun."

The girl is down for some fun, but first, she says "I want to see more of you."

You can already tell where this is going, can't you?

He asks her "What else u want," because he already sent her one picture, and she tells him she wants a picture of his body. Fortunately for those of us viewing these screenshots, he can't take one at that moment because he's driving.

From there, she throws him a curve ball by asking "Are you going to f-ck me?"

He asks her if that's what she wants, and when she says, yes, he tells her "come on then," that they can do it whenever she wants at his house.

Ryan Edwards on the Teen Mom Reunion

They made plans to meet at the Food City off highway 58 -- and they say romance is dead! -- but the plans fell through because Ryan wouldn't send her more photos.

He starts to get a little upset when she complains that he's only sent her two photos, one that he could have pulled up with an internet search.

He tells her "Nvm don't worry about it," because "I'm not going to continue to try to prove it's me."

She rightfully responds by telling him that she wants to be certain of who she's about to meet, and that's when it happens.

He sends her a selfie -- one that he hasn't posted anywhere else -- AND A DICK PIC.

But by the time he finally agreed to send more photos, she'd already given up on him and gone to bed.

He says that he'll try to find another time to meet up with her, but in the meantime, he tells her to send him a photo of her.

Ryan on Teen Mom OG

What kind of photo?

"Send me a sexy one," he instructs her. "Let me see how pink it is."

"Me me hard," he writes. "Come on."

He then tells her to send him a video of "u playing with your self," and when she refuses, he says "Come over I told you I'll let u sit on my face so I can get u good and wet."

Horrifying, right?

The girl refuses, but Ryan tries again another day -- one when Mackenzie is "out of town," so he has the house to himself.

They arrange to meet up, but we can't be sure they ever did, because that's where this round of screenshots ends.

Ryan has denied the original Tinder messages, saying "I'm married. Get f-ck out of here with that dumb sh-t."

But, interestingly enough, Radar checked it out, and they confirm that the number in the text messages is actually Ryan's number.

Can't wait to see what kind of letter Mackenize is going to write to Maci Bookout to explain this one away!

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