Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder Will Soon Say Goodbye to the World

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Enjoy the gorgeous faces and sweet musings of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed while you can, readers.

Because, at some point in the near future, you won't be hearing from these stars for awhile.

(UPDATE: The couple has welcomed a daughter!)

Nikki Reed is Pregnant

Featured on the cover of the latest Fit Pregnancy, Reed gushes over her first pregnancy, explaining to the magazine how she's different when she's expecting than when her womb is empty, prior to talking about her and Somerhalder's plan for when their baby arrives.

In short, it doesn't involve you. Or us. Or anyone at all.

Reed says the couple will enter a "month of silence" as soon they become parents.

"Just the three of us, no visitors, and we're turning off our phones too, so there's no expectation for us to communicate," the former Twilight Saga beauty outlined, expounding on her reasoning as follows:

"Otherwise, every five minutes it would be, ‘How are you feeling? Can we have a picture?' You don't get those first 30 days back, and we want to be fully present."

This is a pretty fantastic idea, in our opinion.

And we'd expect nothing less from Reed and Somerhalder, who announced they were expecting in May and who always taken an especially profound view on life.

Nikki and Ian 4eva

Just consider the way Somerhalder confirmed to the world that he was going to be a father.

"In my 38 years on this earth I've never experienced anything more powerful and beautiful than this," he wrote on Instagram this spring, adding:

"I can't think of anything more exciting than this next chapter and we wanted you to hear this from us first."

Also consider the way Somerhalder wished Reed a happy birthday:

Happy Birthday to the most amazing human I know... Today, we celebrate you.

For an innumerable amount of reasons I couldn't even begin to describe, as all of those who know you and those who even don't know you, would agree.

Reed has said equally kind things about her soulmate, noting in this interview how Somerhalder adores his wife in her pregnant state.

Nikki Reed Pregnancy Pic

"Ian jokes that he wants to keep me pregnant forever," she tells the publication.

"I'm a very driven person with lots of energy. I can run multiple companies, read four books at once, and take a conference call while cooking dinner.

"But pregnant, I'm a better version of myself. I'm really chill and relaxed, which I think is the greatest blessing."

We don't know when baby Reed/Somerhalder is due. Nor do we know if it will be a boy or a girl.

We do know, however, that he or she will be born into a household full of unconditional love.'

"Being pregnant gave me instant perspective," Reed told concludes.

"It's the first time in my life I've passed on anything that isn't exactly what I want to be doing. Pregnancy is the moment you find your path and do what you want, when you want, how you want.

I'm building and launching a company that's been a dream of mine. I honestly feel better than ever...

"I want to write my pregnant body love letters, it's so f-cking cool!"

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