Justin Theroux: Look! I Really Love Jennifer Aniston!

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Justin Theroux has sent a direct message to Brad Pitt.

And it goes something like this:

Back off, fella!!!!!

Justin Theroux Anniversary Pic

This is what we'd like to think, at least.

In reality, however, the famously private actor has likely just shared a rare photo of himself and Jennifer Aniston on Instagram because the couple just celebrated its two-year wedding anniversary.

Despite being married to one of the most beloved women in the world, Theroux never really talks about Aniston.

He never mentions her in any interviews and he certainly never posts any PDA-themed pictures of her online.

But The Leftovers star surprised fans over the weekend when he published the above snapshot and included with it two simple emojis:

  1. A heart.
  2. A peace sign.

Is it a coincidence that Theroux shared this romantic picture around the same time that at least one tabloid alleged Pitt still loves Aniston and wants her back?


Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston Red Carpet Pic

Theroux hasn't posted anything on social media related to his his wife since Febriary 11, which is her birthday.

Prior to that post, the handsome actor didn't post any image of her for over year; not since a shot of Aniston looking out the Eiffel Tower on Valetine's Day last year.

In a recent interview, Theroux did acknowledge that his second anniversary was on tap, dubbing it "cotton anniversary" and joking he'd be getting his superstar lady a "bag of cotton."

He and Aniston got married in the backyard of their Los Angeles home on August 5, 2015, shocking even their closest of friends at the time.

Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Howard Stern, Jason Bateman, Ellen DeGeneres, Tobey McGuire, Sandra Bullock, Orlando Bloom, Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski, Emily Bluntand and Jimmy Kimmel were all in attendance.

But they were told ahead of time that Aniston and Theroux would simply be hosting a party.

They didn't learn until their arrival that a wedding was in the works! For that day!

How cool, right?

Justin Theroux Hugs Jennifer Aniston

Aniston, of course, is famous for her role on the sitcom Friends.

She's gone to enjoy a moderately successful movie career.

To many, however, she'll always be the ex-wife of Brad Pitt, the woman he left Angelina Jolie for.

Even to this day, even after all this time since she and Pitt got divorced, ridiculous rumors continue to swirl around Brad and Jen.

We aren't going to bring them up now, however.

We're just going to wish Theroux and Aniston the happiest of anniversaries!

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