John David Duggar Involved In Secret Courtship (Exclusive)

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Usually, when one of the Duggar children begins a romantic relationship, the family is quick to share the news with their legion of cultishly devoted fans, largely because the romances are a big reason that many fans keep tuning in.

Of course, the courtships that have proven effective at boosting ratings for the family's reality show, Counting On, have all involved Duggar women and their future husbands.

Duggar Family: Counting On Season 4 Photo

Thus far, the Duggar men have been considerably less successful in terms of both finding love and attracting viewers.

Josh Duggar's first courtship ended in marriage, but in the years since, he and his wife have found themselves at the center of some of the ugliest sex scandals in the history of reality television.

Up next came Josiah Duggar, who briefly courted Marjorie Jackson, before that relationship ended under mysterious circumstances.

These days, Joseph Duggar is courting Kendra Caldwell, and his family is said to be desperately hoping for better results.

Unfortunately, things off to a rocky start, thanks to reports that Kendra dated Jedidiah Duggar before becoming interested in Joseph.

But according to an insider close to the Duggars, the family isn't pinning all of its hopes on Jed, as another male sibling is currently involved in a much more secretive courtship.

Jana Duggar With John David Duggar Image

The source tells The Hollywood Gossip exclusively that John David Duggar is involved in what appears to be a clandestine relationship with a woman living in Texas. 

The insider says that these days, John David spends very little time at home in Arkansas, and instead divides his days between pilot training classes in Mississippi and courting in the Lone Star State.

"They don't talk about it," the insider tells us. "Everything with John David is sort of the QT, same as with Jana."

He added:

"Everything they do is very, very, very secretive."

As for Jana, the source notes that she doesn't seem to have much interest in a traditional Duggar courtship, noting that she seems to prefer the company of other women.

Jana Duggar & John David Duggar

We should point out that our insider did not go so far as to say he believes Jana is gay, but he did state that her parents seem eager to keep her many close female friendships out of the headlines.

These measures may seem extreme, but the tipster tells us there's nothing that Jim Bob Duggar won't do in order to continue exercising tight control over his family's public image.

The insider says he's just one of many who have been alienated by the Duggars duplicitous ways over the years.

"I never would have spoke about anything if Jim Bob would’ve been true and correct with me," the source tells us.

"I used to have lot of faith in that family, but with all the untruths that have come out, all bets are off."

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