Jinger Duggar: Sticking It to Jim Bob With Latest Instagram Photos?

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In the nine months since Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, the 23-year-old has undergone a number of major lifestyle changes.

For starters, Jinger moved to Jeremy's home base of Laredo, Texas, making her the first Duggar daughter to move out of Arkansas.

Jinger Duggar Wearing Tight Pants

On top of that, Jinger began wearing pants, which may not sound like a big deal, but if you know anything about the Duggars, you get it.

Imagine if you grew up in a household where a certain article of clothing - a very basic article of clothing - is strictly forbidden. 

We are talking about plain old pants (and/or shorts).

Especially if you're into fashion, one can see how being granted permission to wear it for the first time is like a life-changing experience.

The Duggars live a strictly patriarchal lifestyle, which means that for as long as they live at home, the girls are under Jim Bob's control.

And for reasons that aren't entirely clear, Jim Bob and wife Michelle promote a strict "floor-length skirts only" rule for women.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Photo

Once these grown women marry and move out, however, Jim Bob Duggar cedes control of his daughters to their husbands.

And it looks as though in this case, the pain of losing power (we hate to put it in those terms, but it's true) is more intense than expected.

As we exclusively reported earlier this week, sources close to the family say Jim Bob has been clashing with his sons-in-law regularly.

Differences regarding matters of faith and lifestyle have come to define his relationships with both Jeremy Vuolo and Ben Seewald.

For the most part, he's kept this under wraps.

As a result, many fans were shocked the first time Jinger posted a photo in which she wasn't wearing Jim Bob-approved attire.

Jinger Duggar Sports Pants, Baby Bump?

Interestingly, she's posted several such pics in the weeks since, and she seems to be upping the ante a little bit more each time.

We've now seen Jinger wearing shorts and Jinger in tight pants - tight enough to send her father into conniptions, anyway.

It's enough to make fans wonder:

Are Jinger and Jeremy posting these pictures as a way of asserting their independence and sticking it to Jim Bob?

If you watch Counting On online, you know that Jinger and Jeremy's engagement last year was no easy process.

Essentially, Jim Bob forced his future son-in-law to jump through a number of hoops in order to gain his approval.

Jinger Duggar Shorts

Jim Bob's reasons for being so skeptical of Jeremy are unclear, but many fan theories about this have emerged.

Some believe that the father of 19 children feared that Jeremy would whisk his daughter away to Texas (he did).

Others felt he was turned off by Jeremy's relatively wild past (he partied heavily, though quit to become a pastor).

Others still say he'd learned his lesson after losing control of his two older daughters to men with somewhat more liberal belief systems.

But the likeliest explanation, and one for which there is increasing evidence, is that Jim Bob was wary of Jeremy's religious views from the start.

For those who are unaware, Vuolo is a Calvinist.

Jinger Duggar Balling

This doctrine is one that Jim Bob has professed strong disapproval of in the past, and which has led to a considerable rift with Ben as well.

And it's for that reason that many believe the frequency of posts in which Jinger is wearing pants amounts to a middle finger to Jim Bob.

Even Jeremy's latest photo, above, featuring Jinger hoopin' it up and captioned "baller" is not something you would've seen two years ago.

One has to wonder what she's wearing, too.

Warmup pants? Basketball shorts?

We may not have gotten a conclusive look here, but based on this recent pattern, it's safe to say she wore whatever she pleased.

Duggar kids are forced to be extremely subtle in their rebellion - but that doesn't mean their intended targets don't get the message clearly.

We don't expect her to start taunting Jim Bob by name or wearing anything truly risque, yet she's succeeding in what she's trying to do.

There's zero doubt that Jim Bob has taken notice - and zero doubt how he feels about it, especially as it keeps getting thrown in his face.

Rather than one or two isolated cases, this has become a trend that Jinger seems to be enjoying and escalating as summer goes on.

Not that we're complaining.

Seeing Jinger in short sleeves in these warmer months of the year is a breath of fresh air to card carrying members of Duggar Nation.

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