Emily Maynard: Pregnant with Baby #4!

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Congratulations are once again due for Emily Maynard.

The former Bachelorette star and Bachelor suitors has confirmed she's pregnant with her fourth child.

It will be her third with husband Tyler Johnson, who shared the news with Instagram followers via a video that featured the following screen grab:

Emily Maynard Baby Bump

Yup. That sure is a baby bump, isn't it?!?

Maynard is walking alongside her son, two-year old Jennings, in the above photo. She is also a mother to 12-year old Ricki (from a previous relationship), along with an 11-month old named Gibson.

That's quite the big family and the young family.

But Maynard has always been open about her and Johnson's hopes to keep expanding their adorable brood.

“I definitely think we’ll have at least one more. [Tyler] wants two more,” she told People Magazine in December, adding:

“[My daughter Ricki] will be out of the house and the babies will still be young.”

In like six years, yeah. 

But we're certainly not judging. We're celebrating this exciting news!

Emily Maynard with Family

"It is crazy at our house all the time," Emily previously told Good Morning America. "But it's a lot of fun."

It also sound like Maynard has been fortunate when it comes to the temperament of her kids.

"I just think God knew I could not handle a lot so he gave me three super easy babies and three super easy kids," she told GMA in this same interview.

Maynard first appeared on The Bachelor, winning the heart of Brad Womack on the season finale.

After ending this romance, she anchored Season 8 of The Bachelorette and selected Jef Holm as her fiance.

Emily Maynard on Instagram

Just 14 months after Jennings was born, Maynard and Johnson welcomed Gibson into the world.

“We’re going to plan this one a little better. We’ll space it out a little bit better,” she told People about having two kids under the age of two, admitting:

“This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

It appears as if she and her husband could not stick to that plan.

But oh well. They just need to get some sleep in now... before they never sleep again for several months!

We send our best wishes to Maynard and her family.

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