Chris Lopez Hangs Out With Kailyn Lowry, Defends Himself on Twitter

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When we first learned that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her third child, the Teen Mom 2 star was hesitant to offer any details.

It was several weeks before Kailyn would even publicly verify that she was expecting, and months more passed before she confirmed the identity of her baby daddy.

Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry

Eventually, Kailyn revealed that she was pregnant by Chris Lopez, a fellow former student at Delaware State University.

Insiders say Kailyn and Chris were only together briefly.

She reportedly thought of it as the beginning of a real relationship, unaware that to him it was nothing more than a fling.

Some insiders claim Chris even dated several other women during his time with Kail, a fact that her recent remark about Lopez's "other hoes" seems to bear out.

Needless to say, things between Chris and Kailyn didn't end well.

In fact, it was initially reported that Lopez wanted nothing to do with Kailyn during her pregnancy or after the birth of their son.

Lowry, K

He reportedly made it clear that he would fulfill his financial obligation to the mother of three, but would not appear on TM2, or play any role in the life of his child.

Now, it seems Lopez has had at least a partial change of heart, possibly after realizing that he was behaving in the manner of a monstrous douche.

According to Radar Online, Lopez was spotted leaving the hospital with Lowry following the birth of their son, whose name has not yet been revealed publicly.

The site reports that the parents stopped at Starbucks before heading to Lowry's home with their newborn.

Okay, so he's not exactly staying up nights to build a bassinet in the garage, but it's a start.

Another sign that Lopez is taking his role as a high-profile new dad more seriously: he's no longer hiding from critics on Twitter.

Kailyn Lowry Celebrates Graduation

Earlier this week, when two fans were speculating that Lopez has other children by other women, he interjected, insisting that this is his kid:

"Don't got no other kids," Lopez said, along with a GIF of a man laughing.

Again, it's not much, but it's a start.

Maybe these two will never form a romantic relationship, but at the very least, it looks as though Lopez is willing to be there for his son.

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