Chelsea Houska to Adam Lind: You're a Drug Addict! Stay Away From Our Daughter!

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If you watched last night's episode of Teen Mom 2, you know that, as always, each of the ladies is dealing with a considerable amount of personal drama.

These days, Chelsea Houska is enjoying the most stable home life of all of the moms, but she's still tormented by the mistakes of her difficult past.

And the chief architect of that torment is her douche bad baby daddy, Adam Lind.

Chelsea Houska and Family in Florida

Back in April, Lind tested positive for meth just before a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter, Paisley.

Not surprisingly, Paisley's mother, Taylor Halbur is now fighting Lind for full custody and seeking to have him stripped of all visitation rights.

The court case has resulted in a number of disturbing revelations, including the fact that Lind frequently boasted about hard drug use in public social media posts.

As far as we know, Chelsea has yet to take any similar legal action to protect daughter Aubree, but as we learned last night, the issue of Lind's fitness as a parent is very much on her mind.

Asked by a TM2 producer if she was aware of the extent of Lind's drug use, Chelsea replied:

Adam Lind Meth

"Yeah, it's very serious—and it is scary."

She elaborated:

"If I had my choice, I don't want [Aubree] in the house because he's doing drugs."

Referring to the fact that Lind's visits with his daughter are supposed to be supervised by his parents, Houska added:

"Obviously, he's probably doing them at his house, you know? I mean, hopefully, his parents were doing their that she didn't see much."

Chelsea went on to say she's stunned by Lind's behavior, as he showed no signs of substance abuse during their time as a couple:


"He was not on drugs when I was with him or knew him," she said on last night's episode.

"But that's the thing is I can't picture it—it's just crazy to think that this person is doing that. It makes me sad for Aubree. The last thing you want to give your child is a drug-addicted father."

Again, Chelsea didn't reveal whether she plans to seek a family court intervention.

But don't be surprised if she files legal documents in the very near future.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Chelsea and Adam's turbulent relationship.

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