Briana DeJesus Blasts Devoin Austin: Stop Stealing My Pics and Pretending You're a Dad!

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Briana DeJesus has had no end of conflict with her baby daddies, and it's not because of her super hot cameraman.

Recently, Briana put Luis Miguel on blast for still accepting checks from MTV when he hasn't shown up for their newborn daughter.

This time, Briana's taking aim at Devoin Austin, father of her daughter, Nova, and it's for something a little similar.

Briana DeJesus Photograph

As you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, Briana DeJesus' luck with men and particularly her luck with baby daddies is kind of the worst.

Before the birth of her second daughter, Stella, this year, Briana broke up with the father, Luis Miguel, who had been cheating on her.

(Because he's such a class act!)

Which of course was a only part of what prompted her recent rant about deadbeat baby daddies.

During that rant, however, Briana specifically raged against (among other things) appropriating photos of her daughters and sharing them as if the men themselves had taken them.

You know, to make it seem like they'd been around for their children, basically.

Nova and Ms. Knight

Devoin Austin, however, has clearly not been listening.

Devoin shared this photo of his daughter, Nova, and Nova's teacher, Ms. Knight.

He captioned it:

"Nova And Ms.Knight. Let's bring home all the certificates and medals."

Briana went off in the comments:


(This picture was from Briana's Instagram page, shared days earlier.)

Clearly, Devoin just wants to make people think that he's an attentive parent or whatever.

Nova, Daughter of Briana DeJesus

Briana had recently taken a jab at him on Twitter for recently showing up to spend time with Nova.

"Amen, he's only been around more bc of MTV lol."

Apparently his motivations were sadly transparent.

Devoin also shared a cropped version of this photo of Nova, captioning it "child" after a star emoji.

This photo is from Briana's sister's Instagram, and Devoin just zoomed in ever-so-slightly, cropping out Nova's shoes in the process.

Briana hasn't blasted him for that, specifically, just yet.

But we're sure that it's only a matter of time.

Nova and Devoin Antin

Imagine how sad that must be -- to pretend that you're in your child's life so that strangers will praise you.

Even when your lies are easily proven to be false.

(We'll say this -- Devoin hasn't technically claimed in either photo that he was there; he just strongly implied it and let followers assume what they will)

To be fair, though, Devoin has spent time with Nova, as this (genuine) photo from his Instagram illustrates.

So, you know, Devoin has at least met his daughter.

Which would put him ahead of Luis Miguel, at least.

But you know what? Teen Mom 2 is built on drama.

That's why Briana DeJesus was brought on board this season.

And she is absolutely delivering.

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