Beyonce and Jay Z: Here's the Meaning Behind the Twins' Names!

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Can you believe it's already been over two months since Beyonce gave birth to the twins?!

The world feels a little bit more magical, doesn't it?

The Jay and the Bey

It feels cuter, and safer, somehow.

It's a nice feeling.

So far, Beyonce and Jay Z have pretty much kept quiet about their two new bundles of joy.

Basically all we know is that one of the babies is a boy and the other is a girl, and they spent around a week in the hospital after they were born.

They suffered from a minor health issue, most likely jaundice, and required special care, but Beyonce stayed with them until they were able to come home.

We haven't seen a ton of photos of them yet, but our glorious goddess was gracious enough to share the following photo:

Beyonce Twins Photo!

As for our last little bit of knowledge on these kids, we know their names: Rumi and Sir.

When the names were revealed a lot of people were a little ... well, they were a little taken aback.

Bey and Jay are free to name their offspring whatever they like, of course, but Rumi and Sir?

Of course, these are also the people who named their first child Blue Ivy, so perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised at the names they chose.

But hey, we're only human, and humans who love celebrity gossip at that.

Who are we to be chill about some weird baby names?

Beyonce at 2016 MET Gala

The names were revealed nearly two weeks after we heard that Beyonce had given birth, so again, we've had about two months to get used to the titles of our newest future overlords.

(We call them overlords, by the way, because if Beyonce's children don't grow up to rule the world, then, like, what's the point?)

Are you feeling them yet?

If not, maybe you will after you hear Jay Z explain why they chose the names they did!

In a new interview, Jay spills all the details -- first, for his second daughter, he says "Rumi is our favorite poet, so it was for our daughter."

Beyonce and Jay Z Party It Up

And that makes sense, right?

Besides, Rumi is a lovely name! It's the human whose legal name is Sir that really threw us for a loop.

But, to explain that, he says "Sir was like, man, come out the gate. He carries himself like that."

"He just came out, like, Sir."

Fair enough.

Congrats again, Carter family!

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