Amber Rose: Considering a Breast Reduction, Asks Fans for Feedback!

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Amber Rose is known for being body-positive, unashamed about nudity, and for countering slut-shaming with frank discussions about sex and about women's rights.

She's also known for her modeling work and her incredible body.

But Amber Rose took to Instagram to share with followers that she's seriously considering saying goodbye to part of her legendary figure: her breasts.

Amber Rose is in Bed

Amber posted a message to her followers:

"I'm thinking about getting a breast reduction this year."

A lot of people get breast reduction procedures, though reasons for them can vary.

Amber Rose's breasts are huge, by any standard, so she really doesn't have to explain.

"My boobs are stupid heavy, my back hurts and I can't wear cute lil shirts without a grandma bra."

Back pain due to large, cumbersome breasts can be a serious problem, especially over time.

That pain is real and it doesn't get better with age.

Wardrobe issues are not at all uncommon for women with large breasts.

Many find shopping for shirts difficult, not to mention finding a bra that fits them and looks nice.

A lot of larger bras are those beige ones, folks.

"I'm really scared of the lollipop scars tho.... any advice?"

Lollipop scars, called this for their shape, are scars that follow a straight line up the bottom of the breast and then encircle the entire nipple of both breasts, as this is where the incision is made so that breast tissue can be removed.

Cosmetic surgery can often do away with scars, but that means having yet another procedure, and not all scarring can be wiped away.

What really matters is being happy after the procedure, and it looks like Amber knows that:

Amber Rose Poses

"Are there any ladies out there that are much happier even though you have breast reduction scars?"

We do hear that they fade over time, but everyone's skin is different.

A lot of women worry about facing rejection if their breasts look disfigured.

(Men can be terrible, folks)

"And no I don't have implants so they can't just cut around the nipples."

Sometimes breast implants can be inserted or removed through a 180 degree incision around the areola, though that's usually in patients with larger nipples after they've given birth.

(Someone should tell Rob Kardashian that, since his revenge porn meltdown last month betrayed his total ignorance about how nipples naturally change size)

Amber Rose really wanted feedback from her followers in ways that many people would not.

"Tell me about [your] experiences."

Amber Rose, All Smiles

Some celebrities leave their Instagram comments closed as a matter of course. They just want to share photos and their lives but they don't need to see the hate or a dozen people comment "first!" like this is YouTube in 2008.

Amber Rose, however, was literally asking for responses.

As you can imagine, the comments that she got were varied.

A lot of people expressed sympathy.

Some were medical professionals (or, at least, they claimed to be) who warned of things like scarring (though, as we mentioned before, scarring isn't always permanent).

Others had undergone breast reductions or knew people who had.
Other celebrities, such as Ariel Winter, have undergone breast reduction surgery to address physical discomfort as well as wardrobe problems.
(In Ariel's case, it was also to reclaim a bit of her identity and to take control of her image)
So Amber Rose, if she decides to do this, will be in good company.
Amber Rose, No Makeup

We're not saying that crowdsourcing your medical advice is any substitute for consulting with qualified surgeons.

But we do think that it's neat that Amber Rose reached out to her fans 

Not just as a treat for some of them, but because she's using her fame as a resource in a kind of unusual way.

We don't know if she'll go through with it.

Amber Rose would be beautiful with no breasts of any size or no breasts whatsoever.

What's important is what she chooses for herself.

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