YouTube Star Defends Breastfeeding While Having Sex: It's All Natural!

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YouTube star Tasha Maile is one of many celebrities who want to normalize breastfeeding, believing that new mothers should feel no shame.

However, Maile stands apart from others who share this belief. ...

Tasha Maile

... because she also believes new mothers should readily provide this same sustenance to their children in the most private of settings.

That is, when they're making love to their husbands.

About two years ago, this vlogger shared a controversial video titled "Do I Have Sex While Breastfeeding?”

(SPOILER ALERT: The answer was yes.)

In the clip, which has been viewed nearly four million times since it was published in September of 2015, she discusses this in detail. 

The San Diego native remembered how she did the naked deed with her husband on at least one occasion while nursing her newborn.

"We are pleasure beings, we are meant to enjoy sex and pleasure and all things can be orgasmic,” Maile explained in the video, adding:

“I’ve had a lot people ask me if it’s okay to breastfeed and have sex."

"I remember sleeping with my ex-husband and my son was on me breastfeeding and we would have sex from behind or something."

Tasha Maile Picture

That's better than if the two were doing it ... in other positions, we suppose. 

“There’s nothing bad about making love at all, ever," said the mother of three boys at the time.

Not long after this unusual viewpoint was expressed, Maile (who is known online sometimes as “Spiritual Tasha Mama”) came under fire.

Some critics slammed her for inappropriate bedroom actions, others even referred to sex-while-breastfeeding as being incestuous ... somehow.

Malie isn't having it, though. In a follow-up defense this past May, she both defended and elaborated on her stance.

She also explained what actually went down between herself, her baby and her husband turning that sexy moment.

Tasha Maile YouTube Pic

Maile recalled of that complicated phase of her life:

“My 3-month-old would not allow me to put him down at all. So he was attached to me 24/7. And he was always using me as a binky at night."

That didn't leave her a whole lot of sexy options.

“So we did it while he was sleeping next to me or on me. It had nothing to do with my child," she insisted, reiterating: 

"My child was not in the act of what we were doing.”

Fast forward to July 3 and Maile’s recent appeared on the UK show This Morning, causing the story to go viral a second time.

"I think many other parents have had sex in the same room that their children are sleeping in,” Maile said in her defense.

Tasha Maile Breastfeeding

When host Holly Willoughby quizzed Maile about whether she has intercourse while her son was awake, she responded:

“Even if the baby is awake and off to the side," that would be fine, because "if the baby is OK, they’re not judging you."

No, this is true: the baby is not judging you.

But someday the baby may grow up and be Googling you, and those search results could yield some interesting articles.

Better stash away some money for therapy.

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