Tyga: I Tried to Warn Rob Kardashian About Blac Chyna!

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What kind of world do we live in that Tyga ends up being the voice of reason?

Not a great one, we'll tell you that much.

Tyga Smiling

But it's true: while Kylie Jenner is off being Kylie, what with her lips and her boobs and all, and Blac Chyna is reportedly involving herself will all sorts of riff raff, Tyga is somehow being the calm, reasonable one.

How did we get here?

It's hard to say, but the fact of the matter is that Tyga is offering some level-headed observations on all of his drama.

He's still gross, of course -- a Tyga can't change his stripes and all that -- but still, he kind of makes sense, as much as it pains us to admit.

And in a new interview, he's making sense about all the madness that's going down between Chyna and Rob Kardashian right now.

After talking about Kylie and the breakup of their relationship at length, the interview shifted to focus on how Tyga's ex began dating Kylie's brother.

Robert Kardashian, Blac Chyna

When asked if the situation was awkward, he said that it wasn't, but "I told homie, too, I told him what the play was."

"When I told him, like what he was going to deal with ... I was just like 'bro, I was just with her for three or four years, this is what you're about to deal with.'"

But what exactly was Rob about to deal with?

Tyga was asked that very question, and he just laughed and said "Y'all see what she's gonna do!"

He's probably referring to Chyna's impending court case against Rob, but to be fair, Rob completely brought that on himself.

"Chyna, she's just got a different mentality," Tyga elaborated. "Like, she really is a good person at heart, but she's been through a lot in her life."

Tyga Likes Boston

"She really didn't have people to help guide her and stuff in her life."

The hosts of the show pointed out that she had her mother, Tokyo Toni, but he just shrugged, because it's safe to say that Tokyo was never the best influence.

The hosts also pointed out that even though he obviously thinks Chyna has some issues, he still chose to have a child with her, even though he knew "what kind of girl she was."

"It's not the fact of what type of girl she was," Tyga said, "I just knew a n---- like him ain't gonna be able to handle somebody like her."

"You're coming from a whole different world, you don't know how she moves and how she thinks."

Tyga and Blac Chyna

He kind of makes Chyna sound like some vicious, calculating predator instead of an actual person, doesn't he?

"When you're in love," he continued, "and when you don't care what nobody else thinks, you're just gonna love the lies, you feel me?"

Apparently the people on the show felt like he should have done more to warn Rob, and Tyga said that he did, but "I'm not going to intervene on what they got going on, that's not my business."

He also said that he found out that Rob and Chyna were dating on the internet, just like the rest of us.

But surprisingly, despite all the drama and all the vague trash he talked throughout this interview, he said that he and Chyna are still cool.

Again ... what a world we live in.

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