Tori Roloff Has a Lot to Say About Breastfeeding

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Tori Roloff has been very forthcoming about parenthood. 

The Little People, Big World star discussed her fears of getting a C-section prior to giving birth; shared a photo of son Jackson Kyle shortly after he entered the world; and has also spoken openly about having a child with dwarfism.

But now, for the first time, Roloff has now touched on an important subject regarding mothering:

Tori Roloff Breastfeeds


"Hands down the hardest thing about being a mom has been breastfeeding," wrote Tori as a caption to the picture above, adding:

"It was something I did not expect. I just figured it would come naturally because it's what nature intended, [but] I was so wrong.

"Jackson and I got so frustrated with one another in the beginning and it took every ounce of me to not quit."

We're guessing many mothers around the globe can relate to this problem.

The experience really is different for everyone.

Roloff, who just celebrated her two-year anniversary with husband Zach, went on to share more of what she's been through, while also making a point to send some words of advice to fellow new parents on the Internet.

Jackson and Tori Roloff

"I realized I was being selfish," Tori continued.

"It was an inconvenience and took FOREVER but I was blessed enough to be able to BF. I was in a position that some women would die to be in and I couldn't let that go.

"I feel for those mamas that can't breastfeed."

This can be a sensitive topic in general.

Many famous women (below) have used their platform to attempt and "normalize" breastfeeding, doing all they can to end any stigmas attached to this very normal and very healthy act.

(There's also one woman who likes to have sex while breastfeeding.)

Tori, though, isn't really taking a strong stance in either direction.

She isn't trying to make any grand statement by sharing the image above or by including a lengthy caption along with it./

She's simply trying to make all mothers feel fine with whatever choices they make in life.

"I get asked at all my appointments how BFing is going and I couldn't imagine how that would make the women who physically can't feel. I also HATE the stigma of breastfeeding," she wrote, concluding as follows:

I still feel awkward in public when I feed my baby. Why should I? I'm providing for my child.

J and I have come a long way and we work well together now and I'm proud of that. There are still times that I feel overwhelmed with breastfeeding but I know I'm doing to best I can.

We as women just do the best we can and that's all anyone can ask. You do you mamas. Don't let anyone make you feel insignificant or like you're not doing your best.

Breastfeeding is ridiculously hard and it doesn't always work out. Our kids are going to be just fine.

Roloff Couple

Amen, Tori.

Well said all around.

In a month or so, Tori will have someone in her own family to talk about all of this with because Audrey Roloff is pregnant and expecting a girl at the end of August.

We can't wait to meet her!

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