Meadow Walker Breaks Social Media Silence with Beautiful New Selfie

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Meadow Walker might sound like the name of some ethereal nature spirit, but she is, of course, the daughter of the late Paul Walker, who tragically died in 2013 when she was only 15.

In recent months, however -- really, for the past year -- she's been publicly silent on social media. Until this week, that is, when she posted a brand new selfie. She's grown into a truly beautiful young woman.

Meadow Walker and Paul Walker in the Pool

Fame can be challenging, but being famous because your famous father died when you were still a minor is on a whole other level.

Meadow has made appearances on her father's behalf.

Paul Walker was known for his charitable work, and Meadow has continued that tradition.

She created the Paul Walker Foundation in his memory, and at the time, she explained that on Instagram.

"Reflecting on my father, I found myself reflecting on his passions."

"His passion for the ocean, his passion for rescuing animals, his passion for helping people, and his passion for spontaneous good will"

"I wanted to start this foundation because I want to share that piece of him with the world."

"I want to share that part of him with others. I am tremendously proud to be launching The Paul Walker Foundation on his birthday. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my father."

That's beautiful.

But her new photo doesn't come with a charitable plug, or any caption whatsoever.

Meadow Walker in 2017


That doesn't need a caption.

Meadow Walker is a beautiful 18-year-old girl, and it's nice to see her posting photos to social media.

Not just because it's good to see that she's alright.

And also not just because she's drop-dead gorgeous.

(Though also that -- good for her!)

But it's good to see her out of the context of charitable work.

And, as sweet as Meadow Walker's 2015 Father's Day tribute to her dad was, it's nice to see her out of the context of mourning him, also.

Essentially, it's great to see the non-business side of Meadow, where she's just living her life.

She's 18 and she has her whole life ahead of her, after all.

Paul with daughter Meadow Walker

Her previous most recent post to Instagram was made last July -- yes, in 2016 -- along with a photo of herself and her father in the pool.

"Feeling so honored to combine two of my dad’s legacies into one incredible experience."

That pretty much sums up a lot of her work.

"Today marks your LAST chance to support The Paul Walker Foundation for a chance to go to the set of #F8, hang out with the cast, AND check out some of the most incredible cars in the world."

That film has, of course, already come out, which really makes it clear how long ago this last post was.

"Enter through the link in my bio or visit for your last chance to win! Don’t miss out, it’s going to be a great time."

Now that's pretty much an advertisement, though it's for a good cause.

And it may have not been her post, but made by an assistant.

But it's very likely that Meadow has a private Instagram account to use with friends, as most celebrities do.

Meadow Walker, Father

She's not a(n adorable) baby anymore.

Her father wouldn't want her to spend all of her time in his shadow without being her own person, you know?

This wasn't her first extended absence from Instagram -- last time, Meadow Walker posted a bikini photo to announce her return.

It would be amazing if she's back for good and will start updating regularly.

But she can take as many breaks from the public spotlight as she needs to.

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