Mackenzie Standifer: Viciously Bullied Over Ryan Edwards Drug Scandal?!

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Want to hear something truly crazy?

Right now, at this point in time, there's a very good chance that Mackenzie Standifer is the least popular person in the entire Teen Mom franchise.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Photo

Less popular than Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans, Matt Baier -- she's even less popular than her brand new, fresh-out-of-rehab husband, Ryan Edwards.

How did this happen?

Mackenzie is new to the show, she's not a main cast member. What did she do that was so unlikable to so many people?

Lots of things!

Though she was well received when she first began filming for the show -- remember, lots of people thought she'd be a good influence on Ryan -- things changed quickly in recent episodes.

It began when Maci confided in Mackenzie about the problems she'd been having in co-parenting Bentley with Ryan, and her issues with Ryan's parents.

Mackenzie Standifer Screen Cap

Mackenzie was sympathetic towards Maci, and she even agreed with her on several points, but then she turned around and told Ryan and his parents everything they'd talked about.

Conveniently leaving out the fact that, in the moment, she'd agreed with Maci.

It just seemed like a very two-faced move, and people began questioning her motives.

Things got sketchier during the Teen Mom trip to Puerto Rico, when Maci finally confirmed Ryan's drug use -- why would Mackenzie bring her son around all that?

Then we learned that she actually married Ryan just before he went to rehab -- again, why?

And THEN we saw on the Teen Mom finale that on the way to the wedding, Ryan nodded off so badly that Mackenzie had to grab the wheel and steer for him.

Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards

Instead of telling him to pull over, or being angry with him for putting their lives and the lives of countless others in danger, she hurried to turn off the cameras in the car.

And then she married him anyway.

If that wasn't bad enough -- it really, really was -- we also have that ridiculous letter she read during the reunion special. The one where she blamed Maci for Ryan's drug use.

Also the one in which she claimed to have only found out about his drug use on their wedding day, which is possibly the silliest thing anyone has ever said.

So take all that, pile it up together, and you have a good idea of why so many people are hating on Mackenzie right now.

And, as Mackenzie revealed in an Instagram post yesterday, people are hating her so much that they're sending her horrific messages.

Mackenzie Standifer Bullying Post

"U should kill urself," someone told her in a direct message. "Don't f-ckin do reality tv if you can't face the [truth]."

"Maci is right and I don't even like her [bitch]."

"So sorry for the language," Mackenzie captioned the screen shot. "This is an example of what is being sent to my box."

She advised her followers to visit a website called "if you or someone you know is affected by bullying."

On one hand, it's obviously terrible and completely wrong for people to tell her to kill herself. There's absolutely no justifying that.

Mackenzie Standifer Wedding Pic

But on the other hand, it really is infuriating to see her hop up on her high horse yet again, proving that she's completely unwilling to admit that she might be in the wrong.

Oh, and speaking of wrong, Ryan left a pretty interesting comment on the photo ...

"Hey at lest I could go get help for my problem there is no help for dumb ass I'm just say half the bitches on the are dumb sluts," he wrote.

Yeah, seems like rehab did him a world of good.

We have a feeling this whole thing is going to get worse before it gets better ... if it ever does.

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