Kim Kardashian Surrogate: Pregnant!! And HOW FAR Along?

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The rumor of reality star and professional celebrity Kim Kardashian expanding her family isn't just set to become a reality ...

... it's set to become a reality in the fairly near future.

Kim Kardashian, Dressed Up

According to sources cited by Us Weekly, the surrogate hired by Kardashian and Kanye West is already pregnant.

Moreover, she's over three months along, meaning Saint and North will have a sibling as early as this January.

We know, right?!? WHOA!

The story hasn't been reported on in several weeks, but Kim and Kanye allegedly agreed in mid-June to hire a woman to carry their third child to term.

They did so because Kim badly wants a large family, yet doctors have advised her that getting pregnant again would be dangerous.

As a result of her medical condition, she was encouraged not to take the chance. (Kardashian has been diagnosed with placenta accreta.)

Kim Kardashian: Twins?

After consulting with a physician, she seemed to concur.

“It would be a really dangerous environment for me if I were to get pregnant again," Kim said last season on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

As a result, TMZ confirms that Kimye chose to go ahead with their plans to use a surrogate and to pay $45,000 in multiple installments.

The arrangement requires the surrogate to agree to certain guidelines (e.g. no drinking or smoking while pregnant).

There is also a reported bonus if she were to produce twins, which has actually been rumored by several publications.

All in exchange for giving birth to a child that will then be adopted and legally the child of Kim and Kanye West.

So who is the Kimye surrogate?

Kimye at Home

The couple has reportedly chosen a San Diego mother in her late 20s, someone who was referred to them by an agency.

According to insiders, this girl is someone who has already served as a surrogate on at least one occasion in the past.

We don't yet know if she's pregnant with a boy or a girl.

"I have so many siblings and I love it, they're my best friends and I would love that for my kids," Kim told Ellen DeGeneres in 2014.

However, two pregnancies plagued by Kim's potentially life-threatening condition prompted her and Kanye to ponder alternative options.

Using a surrogate became a frequent topic of discussion, with both Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian volunteering to serve as hers.

No one took those offers seriously (particularly Kris' for obvious reasons), but it shows how important this is for Kimberly.

Kim Kardashian with the Pucker

Now that it's happening, this is all pretty darn exciting!

Not just because it will provide Keeping Up with the Kardashians with a storyline that could easily keep it on the air for another two or three seasons.

But we're talking about another Kimye baby, people!

We wonder what he or she will end up looking like!

We wonder how he or she will fit into the family!

And, yes, given his or her parents' track record, we of course wonder what he or she will be named. Really, it could be anything.

After North and Saint, all bets are off ...

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