Khloe Kardashian: Terrified of Lamar Odom's Upcoming Tell-All?!

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Remember the good old days of Khlomar?

Sure, things ended terribly for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, and yes, it turned out that things were never actually that great for them, either.

Lamar with Khloe

Khloe has said that she managed to keep a lot of Lamar's issues private for longer than we know, and they've both been open about how he cheated on her.

But still, there was a lot of love between them, and when things were good, they were so good, you know?

And that's why it's a little surprising that Khloe is reportedly freaking out about the possibility of Lamar writing a tell-all.

To back up a little, yes, Lamar has confirmed that he's working on a book.

He told Hollywood Life that the book would be an "autobiography of my life," and that he's "looking forward to that."

When asked exactly what would be included in his story, he said "Everything! Everything! Just everything!"

Lamar Odom

"Open about everything, everything that has been going on in my life! About the facts!" 

He sure seems excited about it, right?

And goodness knows he has plenty of material.

He could write about his basketball career -- several ups and downs there -- and his troubled childhood.

He could write about his 2015 overdose, how he very nearly died in a brothel. We imagine that information could sell some copies.

He could also write about the Kardashians.

And that seems to be an issue.

Lamar Odom and The Kardashians at Kanye West's Fashion Show

According to a source, Khloe's entire family is "very concerned about this tell-all book," and they have "reached out to ask him to be respectful."

"Lamar has spoken recklessly about her family in the past," the source says, so "Khloe fears what major secrets he could reveal."

"While Khloe and the rest of the Kardashians try to live a good life, they are no saints."

... Is that supposed to be a shocker?

"Like any family," the source continues, "they have skeletons in their closet which could seriously hurt their brand if revealed."

Their "brand" was started with a sex tape Kim Kardashian made with Ray J. How much lower could they go?


Maybe Lamar knows that he's usually a pretty sympathetic figure, and he has dirt on Khloe he could twist to his advantage.

Or maybe since he used to be so close with Rob Kardashian, he knows some things about him that the family wouldn't really want to be made public.

It's hard to say exactly what they're afraid of.

It's also hard to say whether or not Lamar will take it easy on them.

For the most part, he's been nothing but respectful about the entire family -- but he's also been very honest about how upset he's been about losing Khloe.

One thing's for sure: we'll be eagerly awaiting the release of any and all book Lamar releases from now until the end of time.

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