Kate Middleton: I Can't Get Pregnant with Meghan Markle Around!

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Doesn't it seem like it's high time Kate Middleton got pregnant again?

She gave birth to her first child with Prince William, that adorable little George, in July of 2013, and then they welcomed precious Charlotte in May of 2015.

Kate M and MegMar

That's almost exactly two years between those two kids - so judging by that timetable she's set up, we should actually be expecting that third baby any day now.

But as much as we would like another royal baby, of course Catherine isn't technically obligated to have more children.

Maybe two kids are enough for her, and if so, that's a perfectly valid choice. (Especially with two as perfect as hers.)

She and William, both 35, don't owe us an explanation for their long-term plans for their family, if they've even figured those out yet.

Still, even though we know logically that their baby-making schedule is really none of our business, it's just human nature to be curious about it.

Kate Middleton with Her Husband

And a new report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry gives a pretty interesting explanation for the lack of new babies ...

Hint: it's all Meghan Markle's fault.

"If there's one thing that the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't want to do," the report begins, "it's compete with this Meghan Markle for media attention and headlines."

Well then.

Don't get us wrong, this makes sense -- Kate has been in the family for a while now, but Meghan is new and exciting and getting a whole mess of press.

We keep hearing rumors that Prince Harry is planning on proposing to Meghan sometime this year, most likely in the fall.

Can you imagine the amount of buzz surrounding that couple if he actually does put a ring on the star of the U.S. cable drama Suits?!

Meghan Markle Throwback Pic

We also keep hearing that their wedding would take place shortly after.

And, as the saying goes, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the whole entire world keeping an eye on Meghan's midsection in hopes they might spot a bump.

Basically, Kate knows that when it comes to royal news, it's The Meghan and Harry Show right now, and if she were to get pregnant?

Well, it wouldn't get as much attention as it might another time.

Middleton seems to have a rough time with pregnancy anyway, so why waste one when she knows she won't be everyone's main focus?

Seems like a weird reason to put off having a baby, to be sure.

But, as the report says, Kate cherishes her privacy, yet "there's no doubt that she loves all the attention that she gets whenever she's pregnant."

Kate Middleton is Smiling

And hey, the heart wants what it wants, right?

Besides, the report adds that Kate is "already having a difficult time keeping an eye on her two small children," supernanny or not.

We also know Her Royal Majesty the Queen wants Catherine and William to start doing more royal engagements like yesterday.

Little George will be ready to start school fairly soon, too, and there's no doubt Kate will want to be very involved in that.

There are lots of reasons why she's putting off pregnancy, apparently, and plenty of them, we could all relate to, to an extent.

But the biggest one is that Meghan Markle is stealing all the attention, and that's just the world the royals live in.

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