Justin Bieber Surprises Sick Fans at a Children's Hospital!

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Some young patients at the Children's Hospital of Orange County received a surprise visit from none other than Justin Bieber.

You can paint this as a cynical PR move after Bieber got pulled over for using his phone while driving a couple of days ago, but he really is trying to be a new person, and this was super sweet, you know? Maybe there was no agenda.

And what we get to see of the children's reactions were absolutely priceless.

Justin Bieber and Victoria

Not every kid's visit was caught by a camera.

And it doesn't look like Justin or anyone with him filmed or photographed any of the visit, which is great.

You don't want to visit a bunch of sick kids and make it all about you, you know?

(Plus, he or someone on his team has to be aware that at least some people would take photos and video, if this was an effort to save face after his little traffic incident)

But the mother of a girl named Victoria too pictures and described the encounter on Instagram.

Hanson may hate Bieber's music, but Victoria is a major fan.

"So... our nurse comes in and asks Victoria if she's been asked about having a visitor? We say no. She ask if she likes 'x' person. She says YES."

That's a nice start to the story, right?

"Nurse exits the room. We discuss if she's joking or not. I explain that famous people come visit sick kids at children's hospitals all the time."

Even if you technically know that celebrities come and visit, it's a very different thing to have someone you admire that stop by for a surprise meet-and-greet.

"In this person walks. Introduces themselves to Victoria and we sit stunned. Victoria's smile was amazing and huge."

It sounds like Justin Bieber had at least something with the sick girl and her family -- some degree of shared religious beliefs.

"Prayed with us and gave tori a great big hug."

That's so sweet!

"Ok. Anyone wanna guess who her visitor was?!! #justinbieber"

We're not sure why she felt the need to not lead with his name, especially when her story was paired with a photo of Victoria with Justin.

(But, you know, whatever)

Some children with compromised immune systems needed extra precautions, so that guests like Justin don't accidentally spread germs to them.

So don't look at this pic and think that Justin's being a germaphobe.

It's pretty much the opposite scenario.

Justin Bieber and a Boy

Children's Hospital of Orange County is, of course, located in the OC.

It's affiliated with the University of California, Irvine.

As you can imagine, its focus is pediatric care and treatment, with specialists in:

-Pediatric Neurology

-Pediatric Cardiology

-Pediatric Oncology

-Pediatric Orthopedics

Justin Bieber Visits Children's Hospital of Orange County

We're assuming that Justin Bieber visited the 238-bed main hospital facility in the City of Orange.

We have no idea how many patients he visited, though we don't imagine that he made his way to 238 different rooms.

Obviously, not everyone's a Bieber fan.

Some kids are too little to even know who he is.

And, tragically, some children in a place like that might be in no condition to accept visitors, celebrity or otherwise.

Justin Bieber Dabbing

Justin even dabbed with this kid, which is amazing.

First of all, because dabbing is hilarious.

Second of all, because it's not dignified in the slightest.

We're on the seventh month of 2017 and dabbing hasn't been cool for, like, a year -- if it ever was.

(Seriously sometimes it seems like youth culture's love of irony makes it impossible to tell what's sincerely cool and what isn't)

But that's a great photo.

This isn't the first decent thing that Justin's done, of course.

Justin Bieber's Manchester performance earned praise from Selena Gomez herself, who is flawless and correct in all things.

And it's good that he's working so hard at being a better person (even if he struggles sometimes).

One just has to look at Aaron Carter's recent mugshot to know that Justin isn't always going to be able to rely on being hot for people to love him.

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