Johnny Depp: Spending Thousands on Kardashian Collectibles?!

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As you may have heard, Johnny Depp has some money problems.

In fact, some have gone so far as to claim that Johnny Depp is broke.

It's important to clarify that we're talking "Hollywood broke" here, and not "regular person broke."

Johnny Depp Smokes

Depp still owns a chain of private islands, and - fun fact for your next dinner party - the average American welfare recipient doesn't own even one private island. 

So even though he's squandered all that sweet Pirates treasure, there are no mayonnaise sandwiches in Johnny's future.

Still, the question of how in the hell he managaed to blow all that cash continues to captivate fans, and the answer is satisfyingly bonkers.

Court documents filed by Depp's former management team, TMG, reveal that Johnny's spending habits are as eccentric as ... well, everything else about him.

Depp is suing TMG for allegedly mishandling his funds and allowing him to blow all his cash.

Johnny Depp: Pirates 5 Premiere

The group is countersuing, claiming Depp did it to himself and is now on a quest to permanently damage their reputation.

TMG says Depp spends an average of $2 million a month, including a jaw-dropping $30,000 a month on wine.

Depp tried to claim that the ultra-top shelf vino is an investment, but TMG lawyers hilariously pointed out that you can't call it an investment if you drink it right away.

Of course, Depp's ridiculous spending isn't limited to high-end housewife juice.

The actor also blows a ton of cash on properties he rarely visits, antique cars he rarely drives, and bizarre collectibles ... including a couch that's housed some of the world's most famous asses.

Johnny Depp in Tokyo, Japan

Yes, according to the latest round of filings from TMG, Depp once spent $7,000 on a couch that eas prominently featured on several episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

We would love to report that Depp is a closet Kard clan fan, but it doesn't seem that that's the case.

The couch was a gift for his daughter, who apparently is obsessed with the first family of reality TV.

We're sure the Kardashians were glad to hear it, especially since Kim says she was "obsessed" with Depp when she was in her teens.

The Depp-Kardashian connection brings to mind those moments when you see, like, Jerry Seinfeld chatting up 2 Chainz and Snooki courstide at a Lakers game.

If you're rich and famous, you really don't need to have anything else in common.

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