James Woods Defends Offensive Tweet: How Can I Be a Bigot if I Have Gay Friends!

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Remember how James Woods' disgusting transphobic tweet about an 8-year-old child earned him ire from every corner of the internet?

Woods noticed. He responded, even. And he's not exactly walking back his statement. If anything, he's digging that hole even deeper.

We guess that "I have more gay friends than Liberace" is the new "How could I be racist? I have black friends!"

James Woods in 2017

(You can totally be racist and have black friends, unfortunately)

Plus, you know, there are elements of internal bigotry within the LGBT community.

Some gay people are tranphobes -- just look at Milo Yiannopoulos.

(On second thought, don't look at him ... or think about him ... ever)

So, yesterday we talked about how a Mommy Blogger's 8-year-old son, CJ, went to Pride.

As his mom describes on her Raising My Rainbow blog, CJ isn't necessarily gay or anything else for that matter, but he's gender-nonconforming or gender-creative.

So he doesn't shy away from makeup or painting his nails for Pride and he likes a number of toys and books that are considered "girl things."

Kristen Bauguess and James Woods

Which aren't even things with anything intrinsically to do with gender or sexuality -- they've more to do with gender roles prescribed by society.

But notorious scumbag James Woods saw a picture of two parents supporting their happy child and was apparently so incensed that he couldn't let it rest.

He tweeted out the image -- opening up the family and this 8-year-old boy to countless bigots.

He added some truly despicable words:

"This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realizes what you've done, and stuff both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage."

We talked about how gross that was.

What kind of monster thinks such vile things when he sees this picture?

Lori, CJ, and Matt at Orange County Pride

Well, after Neil Patrick Harris (among countless others) publicly called him out for it, James Woods posted a series of tweets.

We didn't really expect a 70-year-old man to change his tune, but it's still disappointing to see him doubling down.

"Using one's child as a social justice propaganda doll is tantamount to child abuse. This is not about homophobia. Nice try though..."

Yeah ... they're literally just accepting their son and taking family photos.

This isn't something that they've somehow done to CJ. This is just CJ being himself.

"For the record I have supported human rights of all stripes and persuasions, colors, creeds, choices and preferences my entire life. Period."

Uh-huh. Sure.

Neil Patrick Harris at the Grammys

"Some children can be ruthlessly cruel to children who are simply different in any way. I humbly suggest making your child a target is unwise."

Ah, yes.

The classic "kids can be cruel so adults should be crueler!" line.

Again, they aren't making their son a target, they're just allowing him to be himself instead of forcing him to miserably pretend to be someone he isn't.

James Woods might be surprised to learn that a lot of children are much more accepting than he thinks, once unfamiliar things are explained to them.

From what we hear, again and again, it's more often other children's parents who have trouble accepting LGBT kids for who they are.

"I spent my entire adult life in the New York theatre scene, kids. I have more gay friends than Liberace. So let's stop the homophobia train."

Sorry, sir, but the homophobia train has a schedule to keep.

No, but seriously -- and as we mentioned above -- having gay friends doesn't stop you from being bigoted.


James Woods Image

A follower told him that he "does not need a defense," because "this is the New America."

That line sends a shudder through your body, doesn't it?

"This is not a defense. I'm old enough to remember the agony friends suffered for being different. Being wrongly accused of anything is vile."

Well, it would be bad if he were wrongly accused of something.

"And of course the final word on all of this is that I frankly don't give a s--t what anybody thinks about me."

Classy guy.

Remember, this is a 70-year-old celebrity who seems to get worked up because an 8-year-old's parents are aggressively supportive of their child.

CJ Reading a Book

That's a photo of CJ reading a book.

You know, if James Woods were making an argument about the ethics of Mommy Blogging, for example, we'd be singing a different tune.

(The concept is fine, but some Mommy Bloggers are awful and some share too much of their children's lives)

In the case of Raising My Rainbow, we're talking about a blog that can help bring about acceptance and understanding to countless other parents who may themselves be lucky enough to have a child like CJ.

So ... the only problem that we see here is James Woods.

Maybe this latest incident will finally be the proverbial straw to get James Woods blacklisted.

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