Caitlyn Jenner on Rob Kardashian: What an A$$!

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Caitlyn Jenner has sent a pretty harsh and straightforward message to Rob Kardashian.

And it goes something like this:

The feeling is mutual, man!

Caitlyn Jenner and Her Memoir

Indeed, not long after Rob reportedly slammed as "some dude named Caitlyn" as a way to blow off his mom's opinion of him, Jenner appeared as a guest on The View this Friday.

Before delving into the Rob Kardashian-Blac Chyna mess, however, the transgender icon became our new hero by making a clear reference to the Kim Kardashian sex tape in front of the entire panel, audience and everyone watching at home.

Because Mischa Barton was also a guest on the program - and because Barton recently hired the same lawyer as Blac Chyna due to an ex-boyfriend wanting to release a sex tape they made together - Jenner quipped the following about Kim:

"She know[s] nothing about porn tapes."

HA! We love it!

As for Rob...

Rob Kardashian in a Car

I don't know the Blac Chyna/Rob thing," Caitlyn while serving as guest host.

But she obviously does.

Everyone does.

And she expounded a bit as follows;

"Rob was stupid for doing that and he kind of apologized. I really have not had much of a relation - I've never met Blac Chyna. I've never met the kid. Rob, I haven't really had a serious conversation with in years.

"So I've kind of been out of that scene so I really can't comment on what's going on there."

Anyone with an Internet connection, however, know that Rob BLASTED Chyna in every conceivable way last week, going the extra, possibly illegal mile by sharing three nude photos of his ex-fiancee.

He eventually took them down, but not before talk of Rob violated California's revenge porn law circulated around the Internet.

In response, Chyna was granted a temporary restraining order against Kardashian, who was kicked off Instagram and who some fear has a gun... and may harm himself as a result of this latest emotional roller coaster.

"Guys, I know, I used to be over on that team, can be really stupid, okay, and do stupid things," Jenner said on The View, sort of joking about how she used to live as a man and adding:

"I've tried to warn my kids - all of them, I've got a lot of kids - you gotta pick your friends. And it's tough to do because you can be tremendously deceived."

We're not even sure if she's talking about Rob or Chyna here in terms of deception.


All we know for sure is that this is a giant mess.

And there's a baby at the center of it.

So let's hope cooler, calmer and less revenge porn-y heads prevail.

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