Bridezillas is Actually Coming Back to Television

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The sounds of wedding bells are about to be heard on WE tv once again.

And so are the sounds of women in very expensive dresses screaming at loved ones and crying their spoiled eyes out.

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Indeed, in the latest sign of both the Apocalypse and of television being totally out of ideas, the network has announced that it is bringing back Bridezillas!

"From the beginning, Bridezillas was nothing short of [a] pop culture phenomenon and a brand-defining show for WE tv," said Network President Marc Juris, adding in his statement:

"Years after saying goodbye to our last Bridezilla, we have been asked consistently to bring this show back by viewers and fans.

"With its built-in fan base and continued cultural relevance, the Bridezillas franchise is a strategic growth asset that we can leverage across our business and we are thrilled to be bringing it back to WE tv."

Bridezillas is basically summed up by its one-word title.

Each episode tells the story of a woman who is desperately trying to plan her dream wedding, overcoming such difficult obstacles along the way as thin friends, unhelpful parents and grooms who simply don't get it.

The reality series ran for 10 seasons and 185 episodes before saying goodbye in 2013.

A Bridezilla

It spawned the spinoff Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas, which then gave way to Marriage Boot Camp without the Bridezillas.

This is merely the latest reality program to be revived by a network.

In the spring of 2018, for example, ABC will bring back American Idol.

Previously, MTV rebooted Fear Factor (with Ludacris as host), while Match Game, Celebrity Family Feud, $100,000 Pyramid and Battle of the Network Stars are all back on the air after decades away.

Bridezillas Poster

But none can match the absurd drama that Bridezillas delivered during its peak.

Remember the woman who enforced a weight minimum for her bridesmaids because she had to be the skinniest person in her party?

If you somehow forgot, don't worry. We're about to give you nightmares once again...

And then there was the mother who tried to convince her daughter than there ought to be clowns at her wedding.

That's not a joke or a euphemism or some kind of exaggeration.

This parent was saying that maybe clowns should perform at the reception:

Will you tune in for the return of Bridezillas, which will consist of 10 episodes and air later this year or early next year?

This is a safe space. It's okay. We won't tell anyone.

You can go ahead and admit it if so.

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